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Originally Posted by Raves
Crimson Sanctum (Shells): The once tranquil and revered Chalice Sanctum was conquered by the Shells when chaos erupted, and the cathedral sector is now under their iron grip. Located to the south-west, the expansive building complex is now a stronghold of the group, who seek to swoop into the vacuum of power and place their leader as undisputed Grand Duke of Goldenridge, at any cost. Their ruthless nature and determination means trouble for those who would cross them, but for those who wish to make something out of their deeds would be rewarded well. The link to the old Rockets means that some of the more dubious pokemon hang around the sanctum. Reply in Scarlet.
Sunlight -- the unabating rays of electromagnetic radiation that so mercifully illuminate the otherwise cold, dark abyss that would be our corner of the universe. Yet the very existence of such spells certain death for that which it provides for; it will one day cease to breath life onto all that surround it. Indeed, all things must come to an end of some sort, after all, perhaps even time itself. Time is quite the curious construction you see, often appearing to both drag on and race by, sometimes concurrently. Such is the nature of relativistic perception, only truly grasped by an outsider. Yes, Damien could adequately be described as such; he was but a mere child by his last account, yet stands today in what appears to be his early twenties. His faithful partners had met the same fate, far older than they remembered. Sunlight didn't exist in that void. He wasn't sure he existed in that void, or perhaps what it even meant to exist. Being frozen in time was indeed nothing like science fiction would have one believe.

Temporal mechanics aside, the raven-haired man was certain he existed in the now, whatever that was. Gazing far off into the distance, he notices the looming building complex; an interesting first site indeed. It would be his first foray into society in who knows how long, after all. Damien glances over to his partner, a graceful and elegant Dragonair who seems to be intrigued by the site as well. She looks over to Damien, rather easily noticing the glimmer of curiosity in his eyes. "Let's get moving, Hikari. I want to see what the world has become." The serpentine creature nods in agreement, and follows her master into the unknown.


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