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Opening her maw wide, Freida quickly begins to amass a violent orange sphere of energy in her mouth, before crying out fiercely and firing forth a brilliant laser. The beam rips through the arena and slams directly into Muk, the sludge creature grunting a bit from the impact. Incensed, Qyburn hocks up some neon green goo onto the slime dragon in vengeance. The liquid quickly absorbs into her skin and she roars in fury as she feels the poison in her bloodstream react to the new agent. Furious, she once more begins to gather her energy for another attack, while Qyburn raises his sludgy hand over his head in attempt to draw Goodra's attention. However, the distance was too great for the Muk to accomplish his goals, and Freida fires off a glowing ball towards the Muk. The sphere bursts across his body, exploding with a flash of light. As the blast dies down it becomes readily clear that Qyburn has been affected by the strange attack; he stumbles about the arena, clearly befuddled.

Qyburn's health dipped into the midpoint, and he is clearly confused. He wouldn't mind a break. Freida took a hard shot of damage, and the toxins in her body are acting up.


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