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Yeah, I actually knew Bette Kane from a handful of Teen Titans from the 90s comics and the New 52 Batwoman. Her character is not particularly popular outside the comics.

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I almost forgot, I kind of hope they do have an episode with Zatanna and Dr. Fate. Even if it's just a one of thing. Like Dr. Fate gives Zatara one day to be himself with Zatanna and they just do an episode of them doing father-daughter things, then maybe together stop some criminals. Then at the end of the episode, she starts to cry and he says he's proud of her and he's still watching her through Dr. Fate, then puts the helmet back on. Maybe that could be the day before they induct Zatanna into the Justice League, like Dr. Fate goes into a meeting afterwards and suggests that Zatanna is now ready to join. That would be a nice episode.

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