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Originally Posted by myahoo View Post
kawaiiconcept: With your Pawniard and Ledyba alongside you, you make your way along the scenic walk, enjoying the noonday sun and the cool ocean breeze. Your Pokémon get into a momentary argument that gets resolved quickly and you leave it behind. On your right, the cliff falls away and leaves the ocean spread out beneath you, sparkling in the sunlight.

Not much happens for a while, the path winding this way and that, gently curving around the side of the volcano. Birds twitter and flutter overhead as you walk past several trees, leaving you with glimpses of Pidgey, Taillow, and Fletchling. Just as you’re passing the last of the trees, though, the sound of something stumbling becomes audible. Katrina immediately leaps to place herself between you and the source of the noise, while Little Miss hovers behind you.

Several long moments pass as the source of the noise approaches, occasionally pausing or making even more noise, before something reddish-gold stumbles out of the brush and halts, wavering on its feet. Beat up and bruised, the Pokémon is clearly a young shiny Vulpix, its tail only split into three instead of the usual six. The Vulpix blinks at you in surprise before stubbornly bracing itself and baring its teeth at you. An exhausted snarl follows and its eyes flicker up the path, the sun glinting off something metal at its throat.

What will you do?
(Declared: Pawniard, Ledyba)

Kawaii almost squealed aloud, she loved vulpix, this one seemed younger than any she had seen. That didn't bother her much. The pink-haired trainer scowled at her Pawniard "Katrina no! Can't you see the poor thing is scared." the female scolded, pushing the steel type on the shoulder. Katrina looked wary but backed off watching the fire-type just in case.
Kawaii nodded at her pokemon and knelt down holding out her hand to show the fox pokemon she ment well.
"Easy there, I won't hurt you. Are you lost or hurt?" Kawaii murmured. She wasn't really expecting a response.
Little Miss peered over her trainer's shoulder and saw it was only a Vulpix. A Vulpix that looked scared and maybe even hurt. The Ledyba smiled at the idea of helping a wild pokemon. She flew over to hover by Katrina, in order to study the fire-type a bit better.

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