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Having skimmed through the comics, I've come to the following conclusions:

1) Superboy is still Superbae. <3 (Seriously, that story of the G-gnome following him to the hideout simply bc it missed him was so sweet/sad. ;; Darn you Kon and your animal attraction. Would've honestly liked to see him keep the G-gnome around as a companion like Sphere and Wolf.)

2) Really want to see Steph join the team so she can bond with Artemis over their jerk dads and wanting to escape their criminal backgrounds. (Hey, they're even both blondes. ;O)

3) Dick is a dog. (And looks strikingly like Conner when he's older. Hm.)

Still hate his laugh btw. Even just seeing "Ha ha ha!" written out makes me cringe since I can immediately imagine it the way he sounds in the show. -.- At least he does mellow out when he's older, and as much remarks on how childish those days seemed following the timeskip.

Also wasn't aware Artemis's friend "Bette" is apparently a significant character; Wiki indicates she's related to Kathy Kane/Batwoman, and was actually the first "Batgirl" in the comics. Huh. The more you know. (I knew Wendy Harris and her brother Marvin were supporting members of the Teen Titans in the comics since she appeared in Steph's Batgirl run, so now I'm curious what other obscure cameos there might be.)

P.S. Happy National Superhero Day! (Bc apparently that's a thing.)
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