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Originally Posted by myahoo View Post
Missingno. Master: Buoyed by your encouragement, Sunfire pushes on, stretching her strides as far as possible to eat up the distance to the village. You and Ieni end up inching past the other rider as you race up to First Place, each stride bringing the two of you slowly closer to the lead. The village is fast approaching and Sunfire barely manages to eke out a few more centimeters on Ieni when something odd happens.

Sunfire tenses, her head pulling back and pausing mid-step as you catch Ieni and his mount stumble out of the corner of your eye. There’s a brief moment when you can feel her preparing to bolt, her head reflexively turning to the right before she catches herself and aims straight for the village. Ieni’s Ponyta seems to have recovered quickly, you notice when you glance back to check on him, but Ieni is frowning now and looking back at the volcano. One of the other riders is fighting to get her Ponyta back on the trail, while the other has managed to bring his Ponyta to a quivering halt.

It doesn’t take long before you cross the makeshift finish line, but the end of this race isn’t as celebratory as the last. A few of the nearest teens congratulate the riders as they come in, but most of the others are talking in low voices and glancing at the volcano, in the direction their chief is, or towards the temple. You dismount, figuring you could ask someone what’s going on and that you’d need to get off Sunfire anyway, but the muscles on your inner thighs immediately protest the changed position. Ieni barks out a laugh as he swings off his own Ponyta, grinning at the face you probably pulled when you finally noticed those muscles.

He tells you not to worry. The soreness goes away after a while, but you’ll probably walk funny until then. He tilts his head back to look at the sky for a moment and then gestures for you to follow him, almost determinedly ignoring the whispering going on around you. C’mon, the feast should be starting soon, he says, and the guest of honor can’t be late.

What will you do?

(Declared: Tentacruel, Meowth)
They were almost there! The finish line was within reach! And it was more within reach for Keith than for Ieni, for he'd just passed him! They were in first place... and then Sunfire tensed up. "What the-" Keith murmured as the Ponyta paused briefly. At the same time, he saw Ieni's Ponyta stumble out of the corner of his eye. For a moment, Sunfire seemed ready to bolt, glancing to the right, but she caught herself and instead took off towards the village again. Keith glanced back to see if Ieni was alright, and he was indeed, but now he was frowning and looking back at the volcano. Moreover, some of the other riders were having trouble with their Ponyta.

"Wat just happened?" Meowth asked Keith as they crossed the finish line.

"I have no idea," Keith shrugged. "But I got the feeling Sunfire was about ready to run for it for a moment there, and I feel like she's not the only one... Well, we'll just ask around, then- Ho, boy!" Keith exclaimed, for at that moment, his inner thighs seemed to take issue with his decision to dismount Sunfire.

Keith then heard Ieni laugh, before speaking up. "He says not ta worry- da soreness goes away after a while, though yer probably gonna walk pretty funny until den," Meowth translated, trying not to laugh in the process, having also seen Keith's face.

Keith, however, couldn't help but chuckle. "Well, I can live with that," he said. Ieni was then gesturing for him to follow. "I'm guessing-" Keith began.

"-dat da feast is gonna start soon? Yeah," Meowth nodded.

"Right," Keith nodded back. He first turned to the Ponyta he'd just dismounted. "Thanks, Sunfire," he said to the Fire-type with an appreciative smile. "You were great." As they made to follow Ieni, Keith spoke up again. "Meowth, ask Ieni what the heck happened back there," he said. "Something seemed to freak out every Ponyta just then, and judging by all the whispering going on, I'm guessing someone must have at least some idea what happened." Meowth nodded and conveyed Keith's question to Ieni.

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