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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
Crystal Grove.

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: Your situation was dire to say the least, as the mysterious avian had you all but cornered yet willing to give you a chance to surrender. On your blatant surprise and exclamation, the bird's eyes narrow slightly, as though it seems adamant on the decision, yet willing for the time being to listen to reason. As you make your truthful statement of innocence, the owl appears to scoff before motioning towards the great big grey insect behind you, then towards you, insinuating that the presence of the Scolipede is evidence enough.

When Meowth opens his mouth to give his view, including your greatest personal feat, the Decidueye is startled slightly, not expecting a mere Meowth to speak the human language, but quickly regains its composure, tilting its head as you consider the possibility that your actions on Aduro hadn't reached Bedlam City due to, well, the bedlam. With a steady gaze, the owl stares hard into your eyes, trying to read you, when Salazar gives you another nudge, the figures having came closer, as you can begin to identify them.

One of them, a small spiny creature with a thickened shell holding some sort of plate immediately hits you in the emotional pangs, the Chespin scampering and barking at the Alolan pokemon. The other is a man of roughly your age, with a chin sporting signs of a recent shave and wearing blue denims and a dark green trenchcoat over a button shirt. The prominent feature, however, is the bowler hat with an orb inset that you immediately recognise as a key stone.

"What've we got here, Hawkeye?" he begins, addressing the Decidueye who begins conversing with the Chespin, relaying what's been told as the starter taps and scratches at the plate before hopping back to the man and showing him the plate. After a few tense seconds, he looks at you and your group, specifically the Scolipede, before taking a couple steps closer.

"You there, with the talking cat..." he begins, before the Chespin heads over to Salazar, the insect taking a more protective stance. As it begins to chitter, Meowth relays the spiny pokemon wants to make sure that he isn't stained, before the Spiky Nut pokemon gives him a soft scratch, not enough to hurt by any standards, but enough to mark the Megapede's hide, before examining its finger. Raising its eyebrows, it takes the plate - which you now realise is a tablet device - and surprises you by poking at it before showing the device, as the man advises you to answer honestly.

The device reads, in perfect english: "Where did this Scolipede get its colouration, and could you give us your name?"

The Decidueye continues its stand-off, though it has lowered its wings, no longer in a threatening position. It seems that Arceus Himself has given you a way out of this situation, it is merely a case of whether you're willing to discuss the situation with a stranger and what seems to be his pokemon.
Things were looking rather grim as Keith and Meowth attempted to talk their way out of whatever trouble they managed to get mixed up in this time. Thankfully, Decidueye displayed a willingness to at least hear them out. Not so thankfully, however, Decidueye seemed to seriously doubt Keith's words, despite their truthful nature. And as Keith had started to suspect, the fact that the Grass/Ghost-type had gestured to Salazar seemed to confirm that it was Salazar's coloration making him suspicious. Meowth's explanation about Keith did not seem to faze Decidueye yet. Keith's heart sank- in honor of his Heatmor's namesake, he'd done his best to ensure the story got heard far and wide, but was it possible that not everyone had heard about this? Not that Keith was bothered by such a notion in general- he didn't exactly thrive on being called a hero or anything like that, but even so, he couldn't deny that this sort of thing would certainly come in handy here! Keith met Decidueye's gaze unflinchingly, silently hoping and praying that the Arrow Quill Pokémon was exceptionally good at reading people.

Alas, he was rather forced to turn away, for Salazar had nudged him once more- Keith turned, and saw the approaching figures. One of them was a person. The other, a Pokémon that, upon Keith spotting it, triggered something of an emotional memory for him. It was his first time seeing a Chespin in person, but the doll he'd gotten many Valentine's Days ago was lovingly crafted to resemble one, given to Keith in the hopes that he would someday get to catch one of his own. Even if that hadn't happened yet, it was still Keith's most prized possession as far as he was concerned.

Though it was simply held in Keith's hand, not being held up or pointed at anything, the Pokédex reacted to the approaching Chespin nonetheless. "Chespin, the Spiny Nut Pokémon. A Grass-type. The thick shell of wood covering its head and back is so protective that being hit by a truck would not faze it. Normally soft, the pointy quills on its head become hard and sharp enough to pierce rock."

The Chespin seemed to be holding some sort of tablet device, and was entering text in it to communicate with the human- who, like Keith, had a Key Stone set into his chapeau of choice (in his case, a bowler hat). The man addressed Decidueye by the name Hawkeye, who relayed some information to Chespin, who in turn relayed it to the man. After a few seconds, the man approached Keith, addressing him as "you there, with the talking cat". Keith nodded, acknowledging that he was being addressed, though as this happened, Chespin approached Salazar. The Scolipede tensed up, but Chespin started talking.

"Chespin's sayin' it wants ta make sure Salazar ain't stained," Meowth conveyed, shrugging his confusion as to what exactly this was about. Keith wasn't so confused, though- he had the feeling Chespin wanted to see if Salazar's appearance was his usual coloration or due to something covering him. Indeed, Chespin softly scratched the Scolipede, and presumably upon noticing that the coloration didn't come off, entered something in the tablet. As it did so, the man spoke up, advising Keith to answer honestly. Which wasn't a problem for Keith in the slightest- he looked at the device Chespin was now showing him. He was quite happy to explain the truth, especially if it would convince these guys that he was not whatever dangerous crook they had mistaken him for.

"My name is Keith Masters," said Keith. "I'm a Pokémon Trainer from Lavaridge Town in Hoenn, though I've been in this region for well over a decade by now. Salazar here," he added, gesturing to his Scolipede. "He's had this coloration since he was a Venipede. Long before the Elite Four stepped down, one of them, Stacey, the Ghost-type specialist, gave Trainers the opportunity one Halloween to have one of their Pokémon approach some sort of haunted mirror and see what happened. I don't know if you're familiar with how that works, but basically the spirits within will either play a trick of some sort or reward the Pokémon with some kind of treat. Salazar here, he's fearless, so he volunteered to look into the mirror. When he did, the spirits pulled him in, and when the mirror spat him back out, he was dark grey with red eyes, just the way you see him now."

"Scol, Scolipede," Salazar nodded, confirming Keith's explanation as truth, and remembering that experience all too well.

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