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Lost lambs, poor lambs, caught between the black sheep's fangs.

With the recent lift on members I'd like to welcome Marion Ette, Gemini Spark and Sparkbeat, on top of MM and Tate's updates. So with all said and done, here we go.

The Ribcage Mall.

: After a period of consideration, you decide to follow your handedness and head to the left, after nudging Kakahai in the same direction to the protest of the Vaporeon. As you clamber through the metal, your mind begins to wander on the building and those within. Were the ones who created the marks petty thieves who would run at the sight of a big, mean pokemon? Were you wandering into a horrible cult who would cut the hearts out of those they captured? Was it you, or did you make a horrible mistake? You put these thoughts aside as they do nothing for your claustrophobia, preferring wide open spaces...

You inwardly groan, however, as you discover after the second right turn that the split in the duct was meaningless, as past the turn to the left at the end of the duct was a corner going right. The coo of the Pidove however drives your push as you and your starter head towards the sound, crawling through the ducts until you and Kakahai find yourselves outside the duct, the cooes of the Pidove barely audible over a cacophony of other noises. Climbing to your feet, you realise that you're actually in the mall itself proper, on a balcony section on the first floor above the ground floor.

Peering over the edge, you are taken aback slightly by the number of people in casual attire, with around thirty or so in the area you're in. Some of them are chatting, some are sparring with their pokemon, some are sparring with their own fists, and others are playing around on what appear to be arcade machines hauled from somewhere. One or two of the people around the place look in your direction and you physically freeze as they spot you, though fortunately they don't react in any way, as though you were just another member of their group, not even giving a wave or anything.

Having dodged a potential bullet or fifty, you step back and take a breath, before Kakahai gives you yet another whack for attention, and as you follow her gaze, you spot that familiar Pidove standing on a railing, thousand yard stare and coo once again grabbing your heartstrings. The bird is not overly far, and despite some weathering the pathway there seems sturdy. There is the concern of the fact that someone at least knows you're around, and there's no telling whether or not they will act in any way. What you do know is that the object of your affection is only thirty or so steps away. What's your plan?

Crystal Grove.

Missingno. Master
: Your situation was dire to say the least, as the mysterious avian had you all but cornered yet willing to give you a chance to surrender. On your blatant surprise and exclamation, the bird's eyes narrow slightly, as though it seems adamant on the decision, yet willing for the time being to listen to reason. As you make your truthful statement of innocence, the owl appears to scoff before motioning towards the great big grey insect behind you, then towards you, insinuating that the presence of the Scolipede is evidence enough.

When Meowth opens his mouth to give his view, including your greatest personal feat, the Decidueye is startled slightly, not expecting a mere Meowth to speak the human language, but quickly regains its composure, tilting its head as you consider the possibility that your actions on Aduro hadn't reached Bedlam City due to, well, the bedlam. With a steady gaze, the owl stares hard into your eyes, trying to read you, when Salazar gives you another nudge, the figures having came closer, as you can begin to identify them.

One of them, a small spiny creature with a thickened shell holding some sort of plate immediately hits you in the emotional pangs, the Chespin scampering and barking at the Alolan pokemon. The other is a man of roughly your age, with a chin sporting signs of a recent shave and wearing blue denims and a dark green trenchcoat over a button shirt. The prominent feature, however, is the bowler hat with an orb inset that you immediately recognise as a key stone.

"What've we got here, Hawkeye?" he begins, addressing the Decidueye who begins conversing with the Chespin, relaying what's been told as the starter taps and scratches at the plate before hopping back to the man and showing him the plate. After a few tense seconds, he looks at you and your group, specifically the Scolipede, before taking a couple steps closer.

"You there, with the talking cat..." he begins, before the Chespin heads over to Salazar, the insect taking a more protective stance. As it begins to chitter, Meowth relays the spiny pokemon wants to make sure that he isn't stained, before the Spiky Nut pokemon gives him a soft scratch, not enough to hurt by any standards, but enough to mark the Megapede's hide, before examining its finger. Raising its eyebrows, it takes the plate - which you now realise is a tablet device - and surprises you by poking at it before showing the device, as the man advises you to answer honestly.

The device reads, in perfect english: "Where did this Scolipede get its colouration, and could you give us your name?"

The Decidueye continues its stand-off, though it has lowered its wings, no longer in a threatening position. It seems that Arceus Himself has given you a way out of this situation, it is merely a case of whether you're willing to discuss the situation with a stranger and what seems to be his pokemon.

Crimson Sanctum.

Gemini Spark
: Many had entered the once proud Goldenridge City, but few of these were ever pokemon in the guise of humans, but you were one of these. Having heard on the grapevine of the rise of the Shells in Bedlam Ridge and their connection to the source of your deepest grudges, you find yourself assuming the form of your once mortal body, completely inconspicuous to many people, with the single minded aim of vengeance. However, you weren't so foolish as to travel to their headquarters alone, as the presence of the Scizor by your side made it clear, a pokemon you personally had familiarity with before your untimely demise.

Having reached the Crimson Sanctum, you are quickly notified of why the Shells chose this particular location. The stunning architecture and imposing outline of the cathedral district made the location both awe inspiring and fear inducing, and with your Banette roots, you can practically taste the emotion and effort that went into constructing the building, every part of it to your liking. However, you weren't here for the buffet. Looking around, you can tell security in the place is extremely tight.

At the main entrance, six Shells stand, with their own vicious looking pokemon. On the roof, you can spot more Shells and their pokemon, Crobat circling the building silently, the presence truly putting the fort into fortification. Taking a moment or two to assess the situation, Chex gives a clack of the claws before motioning you to a shadowy figure standing just out of sight of the group. You are aware that the Shells are recruiting, and your way into the complex could be through there if your honour was that easily lain aside, but perhaps the figure, who beckoned at you with a finger, knew of a more covert entrance.

What will you do?

The Bastion of Vacuous Dreams.

Marion Ette
: Few people would be mad enough to approach the colossal centrepiece of the city in this day and age, unless they were either completely despondent, greedier than a Swalot or outright insane. You were none of these, though some would argue that the third fitted your stature, a small girl with an elusive history. You were brought before the bastion not out of greed, but interest, a small kitten under the titanic foot of curiosity. You had no intention of being killed, however, and the very thought of it makes you giggle as you stand before the ominous building.

You were no fool, however. Having studied up beforehand, you know the council had perished within and none who entered were seen again, and that this meant barreling headfirst through the front door was a very stupid thing to do. Looking around, your first notice on the building was that it seemed to emanate an aura of unease, as though it was trying to dissuade others from entering. The second notice is that of a number of openings here and there that your small frame could squeeze through. To your left, a vast crack in a wall, zigzagging up into a hole you could probably climb and enter, through use of the crack as a ladder. To the right, a hole that led underneath the southern flank of the building, presumably to the depths of the bastion.

There was also another entrace aside from the main, a damaged window that seemed to flicker slightly from the light of day, located not too far from the front door. Gazing upon it, you have the feeling of something unusual and unnerving, yet similarly exciting, your heart beating. Fate had given you several options, it was just a matter of which poison you fancied drinking this day.

Sparkbeat: War. War never changes. Even in the earliest days, people waged war against one another for any number of reasons. You were not here for the interests of battling factions, however. After months of inaction, you longed for adventure, and on receiving one of many leaflets, your mind was set on the enormous spire which stood before you now. Under cover of silence you and your Murkrow made your way through the ravaged streets to the bastion, a tale of destruction and deceit tainting the history of said structure irreversibly.

Perhaps it was foolhardy for you to approach the structure, but you cared not, taking the nothern approach to the magnificent building, carefully manoeuvring around the marble to a set of relatively intact mahogany doors that had to be the size of Groudon, each. The massive lumber blockades before you only made your heart beat, as you take a hold of the handles, push down and begin to pull with your might, the dull creak making Chord quietly screech indignantly, not enjoying the presence here. Whatever brought you to the single place not even the Ribs and Shells wanted near, it lay within the stronghold and heart of the city.

Squeezing through the door, you take a few steps in before a very loud thud behind you tells you the doors have closed, the Murkrow squawking in protest. Hushing the bird, you find you're in some sort of foyer, with a door to the left in the unsettling gloom. The right hand side consists of a wall, while ahead you can see a great hall, though not much more within due to the chilling fog that seems to have set in. A small giggle reaches your ears, or rather an echo of one, though where is beyond your knowledge.

You're pretty much stuck here now, but you certainly have two potential options, those being the door to the left or the hallway. As Chord lands upon your shoulder, seeking a little rest, your call for adventure has certainly been answered.
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