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Cortoza Updates - Set Fifteen

Missingno. Master: Buoyed by your encouragement, Sunfire pushes on, stretching her strides as far as possible to eat up the distance to the village. You and Ieni end up inching past the other rider as you race up to First Place, each stride bringing the two of you slowly closer to the lead. The village is fast approaching and Sunfire barely manages to eke out a few more centimeters on Ieni when something odd happens.

Sunfire tenses, her head pulling back and pausing mid-step as you catch Ieni and his mount stumble out of the corner of your eye. There’s a brief moment when you can feel her preparing to bolt, her head reflexively turning to the right before she catches herself and aims straight for the village. Ieni’s Ponyta seems to have recovered quickly, you notice when you glance back to check on him, but Ieni is frowning now and looking back at the volcano. One of the other riders is fighting to get her Ponyta back on the trail, while the other has managed to bring his Ponyta to a quivering halt.

It doesn’t take long before you cross the makeshift finish line, but the end of this race isn’t as celebratory as the last. A few of the nearest teens congratulate the riders as they come in, but most of the others are talking in low voices and glancing at the volcano, in the direction their chief is, or towards the temple. You dismount, figuring you could ask someone what’s going on and that you’d need to get off Sunfire anyway, but the muscles on your inner thighs immediately protest the changed position. Ieni barks out a laugh as he swings off his own Ponyta, grinning at the face you probably pulled when you finally noticed those muscles.

He tells you not to worry. The soreness goes away after a while, but you’ll probably walk funny until then. He tilts his head back to look at the sky for a moment and then gestures for you to follow him, almost determinedly ignoring the whispering going on around you. C’mon, the feast should be starting soon, he says, and the guest of honor can’t be late.

What will you do?

(Declared: Tentacruel, Meowth)


kawaiiconcept: With your Pawniard and Ledyba alongside you, you make your way along the scenic walk, enjoying the noonday sun and the cool ocean breeze. Your Pokémon get into a momentary argument that gets resolved quickly and you leave it behind. On your right, the cliff falls away and leaves the ocean spread out beneath you, sparkling in the sunlight.

Not much happens for a while, the path winding this way and that, gently curving around the side of the volcano. Birds twitter and flutter overhead as you walk past several trees, leaving you with glimpses of Pidgey, Taillow, and Fletchling. Just as you’re passing the last of the trees, though, the sound of something stumbling becomes audible. Katrina immediately leaps to place herself between you and the source of the noise, while Little Miss hovers behind you.

Several long moments pass as the source of the noise approaches, occasionally pausing or making even more noise, before something reddish-gold stumbles out of the brush and halts, wavering on its feet. Beat up and bruised, the Pokémon is clearly a young shiny Vulpix, its tail only split into three instead of the usual six. The Vulpix blinks at you in surprise before stubbornly bracing itself and baring its teeth at you. An exhausted snarl follows and its eyes flicker up the path, the sun glinting off something metal at its throat.

What will you do?

(Declared: Pawniard, Ledyba)


134: You hike up the trail leading to Pele’s Shrine, chatting away at your Vullaby about your current thoughts. Pouli keeps nearby, but investigates each and every thing that catches her attention. The late morning sun shines brightly down upon the three of you, not yet hot enough to burn. The trail soon levels out, splitting into two paths. One leads further on and up, following the curve of the volcano, but the other turns inward before disappearing around a corner. The latter supposedly leads to the shrine, so that’s the one you take as Pouli bounds along beside you.

It doesn’t take long for you to reach the old shrine, the area opening up the moment you turn the corner. It looks like it might have been an old caldera that’s collapsed in on itself, centuries or millennia ago, but there’s no lake or pond like you might expect. Instead, the ground is packed earth and level. On one side, a set of stairs is carved into the side of the caldera, leading the way to a platform where a stone altar sits high above the ground. Unlit torches ring the platform and line the staircase, their tips charred as though they were only extinguished the night before.

You spend several minutes looking around before you notice that this area is oddly quiet. The typical wildlife noises that had been so prevalent on your hike up here are gone, though that could just as easily be because there isn’t really much here to support them as anything else.

Pouli pauses in her investigations, tilting her head and turning to stare at the altar. In your arms, Kauka turns to look at the altar as well, blinking and tilting her head curiously. A moment later, Pouli barks at you and runs towards the altar, circling back around to bark at you again when she notices that you haven’t moved. Kauka flaps her wings and complains at you, urging you to follow Pouli. Seems like something’s caught their attention and they want you to investigate.

Are you going to indulge their curiosity?

(Declared: Houndour, Vullaby)


Dark Searchman: You take advantage of the vandal’s distraction to peek around the corner and register a Houndoom and Magcargo in your Pokedex. Looks like that’s what you’ll be up against next, but Zatch doesn’t seem like the right one for the job. You swap him out for Vi and Rengar, the former of whom grimaces at the rain and then scolds you for being impolite. You immediately apologize to Solaris, who grudgingly accepts but continues to sulk under his overhang. Seems he really doesn’t like the rain and is planning to hide there until it stops.

In the meantime, at the mention of a battle, your two Pokémon look around the corner and simply step into view, leaving you to scramble after them. You immediately spot the Houndoom eyeing your trio warily as presumably the Magcargo tosses more earth out of a hole in the mountainside. A young man huddling in his trench coat turns to look at you with a scowl.

“Wow, rude, man. You the one who dropped all this rain on us?” He blinks and then wipes irritably at his face. “What’re you gonna do, run us off? It’s all rocks and dirt and shit up here; we aren’t hurting anything.” He taps his foot a few times and then pulls out something from his pocket, stepping up to draw even with his Houndoom. “So, how much are you getting paid to make us leave? An evolutionary stone? A couple of hold items? Some cash? Whatever it is, I can easily double it. Just name your price.”

He waits expectantly for you to speak, clearly confident that you’ll cave and leave him alone to continue his Art. He certainly doesn’t look like he’s bluffing, but he could just have a decent poker face. If what he says is true, though, it sounds like he might be some rich kid and there could be…repercussions to kicking him out of his ‘canvas’.

What will you do?

(Declared: Seviper, Druddigon, Eelektrik, Blaziken, Zangoose)


Ex-Admiral Insane: Despite mentions of a disappearance piquing your interest, your sights are still set further up the volcano. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to learn more about the situation. You purposefully skirt around the small group, doing your best to look interested in the altar itself, but it’s not entirely necessary. Most of the people in the group are trying to reassure and calm the woman down, while the others look tired, a few even fighting off yawns.

“Ma’am. We’ve already searched the entire area. No one has seen a person matching your friend’s description recently.” The local sounds like he’s repeating himself for the fifth or tenth time.

“I heard you the first five times,” she snaps back, looking ready to tear her hair out. “And I’ve told you that I saw him come this way!” She gestures sharply at the altar. “He wouldn’t shut up about the stupid altar for the last three days and then I wake up to find him sneaking out of the room we’ve been renting for our trip. I followed him here, waited behind that curve, since this entire area’s flat, and when I turned the corner, he’d vanished. My Kirlia’s convinced he’s around here somewhere, so that means he’s around here somewhere. We just have to find him.”

A couple of the locals closer to you mutter between themselves as the woman relates her story.

“Three days ago? Wasn’t that the full moon?” one says.

“Yeah. Why do you think I’m not expecting to find this guy?” the one next to her replies.

“It does sound like he fell under the full moon’s curse.”

You don’t catch much more of their conversation as you begin climbing the steps, though the woman’s insistence that her friend has to be nearby follows you all the way up to the altar. As you take the last step, your vision wavers for a moment, day turning to night. A priest of some sort, with a feathered headdress and some kind of metallic necklace, gestures imperiously in your direction and you find your gaze drawn to the stone altar, glowing white in places under the moonlight. You blink and sunlight blazes down on you and the clean stone altar as the familiar sounds of your young Dragons reaches your ears.

You turn around and watch as Rags herds the three youngsters your way, your Pokémon accidentally plowing straight through the people at the base of the stairs. You see the woman finally notice you at the top of the stairs; she glances at the locals and narrows her eyes before following after your Pokémon. It doesn’t take long for everyone to arrive where you are and the platform is beginning to feel a little cramped. Clearly, this space wasn’t meant for this many individuals, which means it doesn’t take long for something else to happen.

The woman is just making her way towards you, looking intent on talking to you, when you spot one of your dragons tumble into another, roll into the back wall, and vanish.

What will you do?

(Declared: Gallade, Wailord, Gible, Axew, Bagon)


Monster Guy: Cortoza hadn’t exactly been this hot when you started your trek towards the Ignatius River earlier in the day, but it certainly was now. With the sun beating down on you and the much lower humidity, it was like standing in front of an open oven. Even taking off your tank top hadn’t helped all that much, though that may be because you’re actually walking somewhere. At least your Munna isn’t tired out, floating along as she was while you tire yourself out on the trail. It doesn’t take much longer before you spot the river, thankfully, and the two of you hurry down to the water, splashing some over yourselves in an effort to cool down. It works, the water taking most of the heat of your walk away, and, now that you’ve cooled down some, you take a moment to look around.

You clearly aren’t the only people to make this your destination. You spot a pair of photographers upstream taking pictures of the landscape, and a trio of teenagers on the opposite bank, eating sandwiches and skipping rocks. Downstream, there’s a family of four splashing around in the river and another trainer taking a nap on the bank with an Umbreon curled up next to them. The sound of bird calls above you attracts your attention and you spot a Skarmory circling above your heads, the sun glinting off its feathers. It wheels around and heads inland, flapping hard, and leaves you feeling a bit…uneasy.

Several minutes later, shouting from somewhere upstream has people turning to see what’s happening, several of whom decide to go investigate. The family rounds up their children and retreats to dry land, both parents looking upstream with worry, while the teenagers and the other trainer immediately make their way towards the shouting. The photographers shift their weight and exchange glances, before beginning to pack their stuff away.

You’re just trying to decide whether to go investigate yourself when something in the river catches your eye. Something brown and lumpy is drifting down the river and no one else seems to have spotted it. Or, at least, no one seems to have decided that it’s anything worth investigating, as one of the photographer’s brief glance at it seems to indicate. The yelling upstream has only gotten louder, which is briefly broken by a thump and followed by louder yelling.

What will you do?

(Declared: Munna)

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