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Ribcage Mall


Perhaps thinking yourself cheeky, you try to talk yourself out of the volatile situation. Blue is unimpressed with you, but you’re a confident man, or -- at least -- you project that air. The redheaded man twirls his bat, and chuckles, slowly approaching you.

“Oh, don’t worry,” he promises, with a sinister air. “We’re gonna have fun, boy.”

“Let’s take him to Arturo!” One of the boys drinking beer suggests. He looks like he can’t be older than 17. His buddy whoops and chimes in with a slightly slurred, “Yeah! Arturo!”

“Arturo might be fun,” the redhead considers, thoughtfully. He jabs you in the chest with the end of his bat, solid wood striking your sternum somewhat roughly. “How about it? Want to go see Arturo?”

“Houston, wait,” the blue-haired girl with the knitting needle speaks up. She has a thick, slightly nasally urban accent characteristic to the city. She stands, and approaches you and the red-headed man, whose name is apparently Houston; when she gets close, you can see that she has platinum blonde roots. “You know, we could use extra hands for Mission Syd. Who knows what we’re going to run into out there. Why don’t we take this little cutie with us?”

She gives you a flirtatious wink. Houston rolls his eyes. He takes a moment to consider the options. He scrutinizes the blue haired girl with the knitting needles. He scrutinizes you. He glances around the room at his various comrades.

“Alright, Princess,” he finally sighs. The woman rocks joyously on her heels, as Houston turns his attentions to you. “Tell you what, you little shit. You come with us, and we don’t turn you in to Arturo. You refuse, and we haul you in and let him deal with you. What’s it going to be?

The hostility in the air was palpable - not that Michael noticed. The warning signs were there of course: the sinister growl in the redhaired man's voice, the way he casually twirled that bat of his, and the unanimous decision to throw him to someone named "Arturo" - all of them should have added up to a lifetime trip to that infamous aquatic hotel in the mind of a normal person. Unfortunately, Michael didn't do maths. In his opinion, he was fine!
The blow to his sternum knocked all of the wind out of him though - literally and figuratively. He grunted in pain, grasping his chest with his hand. Blue gave the red-haired man a warning growl that was uncharacteristic for the normally docile Panpour, but was silenced by a quiet reassurance from his trainer that he wasn't that hurt. Luckily for the duo, the blue haired girl he'd addressed earlier came to their... well not rescue, but it was something that was similar enough that for all intents and purposes could be called as such by giving him a way out.
"You know, I think we'd be glad to help you with this "MIssion Syd" thing you got going on." Michael hurriedly answered, not wanting to give the volatile gang members surrounding him the chance to change their mind. "What's it all about?"

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In Mother 3 Swampy was Flint and you were Hinawa. You two were a wonderful couple. Icarus was your dog, and Toy and I were your twin sons. Well, until a dinosaur impaled you through the heart. So yes, where is he!?
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