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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
The Ribcage Mall.

: As the footsteps approached, your calculative mind is utterly overrun by your imagination and fear, taking the approaching figure as a monster hungry for you, and you opt to go after the object of your affection, barreling through the rain and scrambling up the rubble like a crazed beast, ignoring the minor scrapes and bumps incurred through your terror. Kakahai follows you up casually, as though attempting to remind you that you have a faithful companion at your side capable of blasting water at pressure, but alas you're too caught up in panic to listen. Making your way across the ledge, you find it to be surprisingly wide enough to comfortably shimmy by, before you're above the doorway. On the wall, there is an open ventilation duct roughly three feet by three feet, big enough to crawl through without much cramp, but before you can even think of it, you freeze in place as your ears pick up a rattle of chains. Had the Limberman found you!?

Several tense seconds later, you hear a male voice muttering about strong winds, before the footsteps begin to fade. You wait a moment or two, heart beating like a hummingbird's wings (whatever those were, some mutant Oricorio?) until all was quiet, before breathing a slight sigh of relief. While you were starting to get wet as the rain began to intensify, you were at least away from the monster, your Vaporeon nosing around the opening, when a distant streak flashes before your eyes, followed by a dull peal of thunder.

Kakahai can only dart into the shaft as you yelp and dive into the opening, fear taking you as the intelligent bit of your brain reminds you that the Pidove went in here for shelter too, and you begin to shuffle through the metallic duct. As you make your way, you find that you seem to be going up at an angle, your damp clothing making traction tricky but not impossible, and after a couple of minutes you find yourself on a straight, with a split in the duct. Neither option appeared conspicuous in any way, but a faint echo of a coo emanates around you, as the Pidove must have went further in. The question, though, is what direction it went in. Left, or right?
"I'm getting too old for this," Tate panted, as the pair crested the ledge. On the other side of 25, the 'young' scientist didn't bounce as well as one might in one's youth. Slightly achy, Tate shimmied on stomach and elbows down the length of the ledge; it was hard, but only in the sense that Tate lacked some of the necessary upper body strength. Once over the door, the bird watcher finds an open duct -- the Pidove must have gone in here, Tate figured. There's no time to consider following it, however, as the door below rattled and shakes, chains clanging loudly. Tate doesn't breathe, certain the Limberman is upon them. A man speaks, muttering about winds, and returns inside to the relative warmth. Pull yourself together, Tate reprimands, inwardly. There's no such thing as Limberman!

A flash. A crack. There sure as shit was such a thing as lightning. Kahakai streaks into the vent, having a phobia of electricity, and Tate follows quickly after her. For a while, both of them crawl along at a slight ascension, occasionally squeaking and sliding as the water does what it can to impede progress. Kahakai has far less trouble, absorbing each drop of water she comes into contact with into the greater whole of her body.Tate wished for such a power; the wet clothes were starting to produce a chill.

Eventually, they reach a straight, but after a few feet, it forks. Tate groans. The gentle, melodic coo of a bird bounces off of the aluminum walls of the duct, and the bird keeper tries valiantly to deduce from which side --left or right -- it originates from, but it's simply no use; the cry echoes in all directions. Tate sighs.

"Now what?" Grunts the trainer. Kahakai sits at the fork, and begins grooming, pondering the question; it doesn't look like she'll find any answers, anytime soon. "Come on," Tate grunts and nudges her into the leftmost duct, beginning to grow claustrophobic. The Vaporeon makes an undignified noise of protest, but begins walking, while her trainer shimmies after her. Why left, you might ask? Because Tate's left handed.

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