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Round 11

MMS: If something interesting doesn’t happen this round I’m gonna have to call the dealer for another fix or twenty.

S12: Worse yet, I’m running out of coffee… *stares sadly into mug*


TT: Hopefully.

The Gardevoir cam flickers on to reveal our friend has teleported to find herself in the thick jungle, a Dragonair sneakily slinking through the trees as it carries a small horde of Prank Eggs. It shortly comes across a rather fortified base in the dense brush, getting smacked by Stealth Rock in the process but not particularly caring. It slithers past some Spikes and cozies up in the center of fort, pulling apart some sticks to form a nest for the eggs before curling over them.

S12: That's a fair number of Prank Eggs.

TT: Seven, to be exact.

MMS: Aww, look at the Dragonair protecting its eggs. Gotta say though, doesn’t look good for the whole stuff happening thing.

Q: I wonder if they can hatch…

The second camera reveals Alakazam, now in the middle of the volcano chamber, it's camera pointed at a Ludicolo before turning to a Marowak... no wait that's a Substitute, and behind it is a Whirlipede. Weird. The Marowak rushes forwards with the Whirlipede behind it, and with a little bit of clever positioning it appears as though the sub uses a volley of Sludge Bomb on the Ludicolo. The duck shakes off the sting before retaliating, dancing a quick Teeter Dance in front of the Marowak. Luckily for it, the Whirlipede can still very much see the movements, and becomes confused. The Ludicolo then makes a mad dash as the Whirlipede sits there rather baffled, before the duck approaches the button, slamming it's hand down on it. A massive roar shakes the chamber, but not coming from below. No, instead the sound comes from above, the camera panning up to spot an Aggron leaping off the rim of the chamber and into the air. The sight is absolutely stunning as it comes crashing down on top of the Ludicolo, obviously upset about the attempt at causing another eruption. The ground shaking from the crash rocks the Whirlipede enough for it to come to its senses for a moment, loosing another Sludge Bomb over the duck, and the Aggron with it. The poisonous explosions put a swift end to the Ludicolo's time here, leaving it KO'd.

Q: Wait... where's the confetti? The Aggron got hit, right?

TT: Yeah, but so did the Dragonair. Maybe there are special rules for it or something.

S12: Or maybe they aren't even pranks?

MMS: Who knows, who cares? We got blood!!!!!

With the button having been pressed, the casters stare anxiously at the alarm in front of them, waiting for it to go off. But after a fair few moments, there's no sign of any danger.

Q: Awww...

S12: Thank god. I didn't want to have to recolor the whole map again.

MMS: There wouldn’t have even been much more blood from it anyway.

TT: Soon, the time will come for Volcanic Eruption II: Molten Boogaloo.

MMS: ...Well, it’s no volcano aftermath. But it’s something.

Q: Oh look, a cluster near that weird Prank Egg from earlier.

S12: Oh why ever could anyone want a defective Prank Egg?

TT: Who knows, but I’m sure the Marill won’t be happy about it.

Orders will be due in to both myself and Snorby by 6 PM EST on Friday, April 28th. Please title your PMs as "Nickname - Gender Species - Round 12"
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