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Melissa's PC

...accessing Lanette's PC...Input User Identification: Melissa -----...Confirmed...Input Password: **********...Confirmed...

Welcome, Melissa. Your PC Status is Unlocked. Your number of PC slots is Unlimi-

...I'm sorry. Your PC Status has been changed to Limited. You currently have 50 slots.

~!~ Active Party ~!~
Wildfire, male Cyndaquil
Storm, female Blitzle
Prince, male Houndour
Layla, female Cubone

~!~ PC ~!~
Mar, male Aron
Stella, female Bagon
Stream, male Finneon
Imp, female Misdreavus
Toba, male Torkoal
Cirrus, male Swablu
Fossil, male Cranidos
Signal, male Chinchou
Breeze, male Wingull
Eve, female Eevee
Ledyba, male Ledyba
Desertsong, female Trapinch
Ore, male Sableye
Snuffles, male Swinub
Annabelle, female Gothita
Scyther, male Scyther
Heather, male Phantump
Caterpie, male Caterpie
Ponyta, male Ponyta
Hex, female Vulpix
Pumpkaboo, female Pumpkaboo
Fletchling, female Fletchling
Growlithe, female Growlithe
Vine, male Snivy
Vivillon, female Vivillon (Pokeball)
Fawn, female Skiddo
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