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Tyranitar Raid Boss Exhibitions

PASBL Raid Boss Exhibitions

Raid Boss Exhibitions take the thrill and challenge of MMORPG Raid Bosses to PASBL. In one of these matches, a group of you and fellow trainers team up to combat a challenging and near overwhelming foe. The raid boss will try your skill and test your wit, but should you prove victorious, you’ll find the drops to be well worth the effort.

Battle Mechanics: How this all works

A Raid Boss Exhibition consists of anywhere between 3-11 players. Keep in mind however the more players there are, the longer a match will likely take, and the stronger the boss will become. Once you have gathered enough players and decided which Boss to challenge, 1 of those players becomes the Raid Boss Controller. Who becomes the RBC can be decided either by RNG or some other means, but there must be no more or less than 1 RBC. Once this is decided, each non-RBC player squads up to one Pokemon in the thread with round one orders in the same post. Once all the non-RBC players have squadded and provided orders, the Raid Boss Controllers posts their orders, and the round is then reffed by the Referee. This then repeats for each round until either all of the non-RBC mons are knocked out, or the Raid Boss is ko’d. It is important to note that due to the nature of how the order system works, non-RBC players do not have to order in the order they squadded in. Thus, if Player A was the first to post in the thread, he would not have to be the first to order every round.

Week Ordering Clause: Should all orders not be received within a week, the round will be reffed regardless, treating those who have not ordered as if they ordered passive dodging. This is done to prevent the larger matches from taking a century waiting for every single person to order.

Calculating Player and Boss Reserves: Raid Boss Exhibitions use 6/9 scale for regular Pokemon like any other match. However, Boss health and energy is calculated a tad differently than regular Pokemon. It’s not hard to figure out how much health and energy a boss has however, and it can be done with simple input into a formula.

6 x (# Non-RBC Players) x 1.5 = Hyper Beams of Health Boss has
9 x (# Non-RBC Players) x 1.5 = Hyper Beams of Energy Boss has

Thus, if there were 5 Non-RBC Players, the Raid Boss would have 45 Hyper Beams of Health and 67.5 Hyper Beams of Energy. While this may seem like a shocking amount of bulk, keep in mind that’s 5 players applying damage to one target every round. It is hard, but not undefeatable. You must work together with your team to shred it’s health down and prove victorious. Furthermore, all bosses have some sort of weakness, whether they be a type weakness or bonus damage given when struck on, for example, the wing.

Non-RBC Trainer: It is your job to work together with your fellow trainers to utilize your Pokemon to take this boss down. Each of you may only use one three mover per match, so use them wisely. Your Pokemon suffer exhaustion normally.

Raid Boss Controller: Your goal is to knock out all of the attacking Pokemon, be it through brute force, stall, or other means. With groups of 5 or less Non-RBC Players, you may use up to two moves per round. In groups of 6 to 8, you may use up to three moves per round. In groups of 9 to 10, you may use four moves per round. In addition, your attacks have innate larger damage radius given your power or size. Furthermore, regardless of group size, you have 1 usage of a Special Move, which does not count as a move. Each Raid Boss has their own unique special move listed in their SC. Your Raid Boss suffers exhaustion less frequent than regular Pokemon, having a resistance slightly better than the Fighting Type Characteristic against exhaustion.

Arena: Raid Boss Exhibitions can take place in almost any arena, though some bosses may have requirements to be challengeable. For example, Tiamat would not be challengeable outside of an arena without a sizable ocean of water.

Raid Bosses

Each Raid Boss has their own SC and Movepool. Keep these in mind when challenging.

(You are not limited to only the raid bosses here. New ones may be user submitted as challengeable in a new post. Keep in mind a new Raid Boss should be feasible to defeat and not blatantly overpowered beyond belief. They are not Mews.)

Current Raid Boss List
Spoiler: show

MechaTyranitar (Steel): MechaTyranitar was a fictional mech in the PokeStar’s studio Big Monster Series. It stands as tall as a Groudon...and just as big. However due to its size, it is very slow at both moving and turning direction. Like the Pokemon it was modeled after, its Earthquake attacks are very violent and deal 20% more damage, and it is Familiar with the Ground Type. Its hide is very hard, reducing damage taken from physical attacks by 30%. When its core is exposed as a result of its Special Move, it takes 10% increased damage at attacks targeted at the core. This Raid Boss may not be used outside of Raid Boss Exhibitions.
Special Move: S.H. Beam [Normal]
Exposing the core in its chest, MechaTyranitar releases a blast of powerful white energy spread as a massive cone in front of it, dealing Extreme Normal Damage to everything caught in the blast. This attack has a quick firing time. This attack costs extreme energy, and leaves MechaTyranitar’s core exposed for a round after usage. This attack may only be used once per match. This attack may not be sketched or otherwise copied, used by anything other than MechaTyranitar, and may not be used outside of Raid Boss Exhibitions.
MechaTyranitar Moveset:
Spoiler: show

Thunder Fang
Ice Fang
Fire Fang
Dark Pulse
Stone Edge
Giga Impact
Dragon Dance
Focus Energy
Iron Defense
Iron Head
Iron Tail
Aqua Tail
Body Slam
Dragon Pulse
Dynamic Punch
Earth Power
Fire Punch
Fury Cutter
Ice Beam
Ice Punch
Low Kick
Mega Kick
Mega Punch
Seismic Toss
Sleep Talk
Water Pulse
Thunder Wave
Dragon Claw
Sunny Day
Smack Down
Flash Cannon
Secret Power
Focus Blast
Rock Climb
Shift Gear
Anchor Shot
Heavy Slam
Iron Head
Magnet Bomb
Metal Sound
Mirror Shot
Smart Strike
Meteor Mash
Bulk Up
Dazzling Gleam
Zen Headbutt
Psychic Fangs
Hyper Voice
Tri Attack
Hyper Beam

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