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Originally Posted by Loki View Post
Spoiler: show
They've revealed that season 3 will have flash backs to the time between season 1 and 2 as well as post S2 stuff. I think they've stated many times that Wally will come back and the VA for Wally played Kid Flash in Judas Contract, so it's very likely he was signed back on for YJ.

While that's the simple thing, bringing back Wally can be complicated depending on the time passed between his disappearance and his return. Is Artemis dating someone new? Could it be someone on the team? If they decide to borrow some plot lines from other stories, there was a time when Tim Drake dated Wondergirl when Superboy (her ex) was dead and things got wonky when he came back to life. Then new 52 threw everything into the dumpster. *shrugs* They could always have Artemis and Dick hook up and then things get weird when Wally comes back.

More Static? Yes... please...

Obviously, everyone wants to see the continuation of The Light's alliance with Darkseid. The forces of Apokalips had very subtle influence in the prior seasons, so if it escalates, it would be pretty interesting.
In the comic of Young Justice Animated Series, Dick Grayson has apparently nailed every single girl in the series.
Spoiler: show
Well we all pretty much knew Wally was coming back, so no surprises there lol. (After all, no one in the superhero world stays dead for long. ;P)

You bring up an interesting/tragic scenario of Artemis moving on in the meantime though... I feel like it'd be equally sad if she did move on and if she didn't. ;(

I was surprised to see they threw in a last-minute TimxCassie hookup in the S2 finale, until I learned about the pairing in the comics as you said. (*cough* TimSteph and/or TimKon 4 lyf tho. *shot*)

Static was actually one of the few superhero shows I did watch growing up, so I was pleased to see him included and given a prominent role in S2.

It really does suck that the series originally ended on such a cliffhanger that looked like it was building up to an even bigger foe, so it'll certainly be interesting to see where it goes from there.

I should get around to reading the YJ tie-in comics sometime. Especially since I recently read this scene from it. (Seriously Bats is a better dad to Conner than Supes. >.< Clark be good to your son. ;; )

Originally Posted by RealMrGame10 View Post
Got something against Jesse McCartney? lol

To be completely honest, I'd love to see a Cassandra if done right, she's always been one of my favorites.
Hey I like "Beautiful Soul" as much as the next gal, but his character just didn't whelm me. At all. (He did get better in S2 though.)

Superboy, on the other hand... *huggles her woobie angsty alien clone* <3 The main reason I watched the show was for him, and he did not disappoint. XP I know he's quite different from his comics counterpart, but I think it's a valid direction to take his character in. Living up to Superman's standards is a lot of pressure for a young "teenage" boy. ;(

As for Cass, while Steph has become my favorite bat-gal for a number of reasons, I'm really curious to know more about her too. More badass female superheroes pls. (Also she gets bonus points 'cuz she's Asian. *shot*)

Imagine if they added Damian though... As much as I've been slowly warming up to him, let's just keep him to his own film franchise, shall we? ^^;

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