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They've revealed that season 3 will have flash backs to the time between season 1 and 2 as well as post S2 stuff. I think they've stated many times that Wally will come back and the VA for Wally played Kid Flash in Judas Contract, so it's very likely he was signed back on for YJ.

While that's the simple thing, bringing back Wally can be complicated depending on the time passed between his disappearance and his return. Is Artemis dating someone new? Could it be someone on the team? If they decide to borrow some plot lines from other stories, there was a time when Tim Drake dated Wondergirl when Superboy (her ex) was dead and things got wonky when he came back to life. Then new 52 threw everything into the dumpster. *shrugs* They could always have Artemis and Dick hook up and then things get weird when Wally comes back.

More Static? Yes... please...

Obviously, everyone wants to see the continuation of The Light's alliance with Darkseid. The forces of Apokalips had very subtle influence in the prior seasons, so if it escalates, it would be pretty interesting.
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