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Delibird Young Justice

"Young Justice is an American animated television series created by Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti for Cartoon Network. The series follows the lives of teenaged superhero sidekicks, who are members of a fictional superhero team simply known as the 'Team', and their relationships with their Justice League mentors. The story is set at a time where superpowers and superheroes are a relatively recent phenomenon."
-adapted from the Young Justice Wiki

As UPN's newly self-appointed DC/superhero fangirl, I've decided to take the liberty of creating this thread in anticipation of the upcoming third season of a show that many thought had no hope of returning, but fans fought tooth and nail for after its cancellation in 2013. The new season, titled Young Justice: Outsiders, will premiere in 2018, in which "the team faces its greatest challenge yet as it takes on meta-human trafficking and the terrifying threat it creates for a society caught in the crossfire of a genetic arms race spanning the globe and the galaxy". (source)

I watched both first two seasons last year, shortly before the announcement of S3 (which turned out to be rather convenient timing since now I don't have to wait so long like everyone else *shot*). It's a fun series with lots of exciting twists (although I knew a lot of them beforehand), so I'm quite curious to see what fresh content the creators will bring to the table, especially since I'll be going in blind this time. So I figured I'd open up the discussion floor by asking: What do you all want to see happen in Season 3?

Personally, I'd love for them to address

Spoiler: show
The story of the second Robin, Jason Todd and how he died. If he is resurrected in this continuity, I'd be eager to see how he interacts with Arsenal and if they form an alliance, given the similarities of their circumstances. Especially since there's precedent for it in the comics. (Given I've heard the same development team also worked on Under the Red Hood, I doubt these screencap comparisons are just a coincidence either.) Heck, maybe they'll even bring in Starfire and form the Outlaws?

I'd also like to see more of Tim Drake as Robin, since he didn't have much of a role in S2. *mumbles something about Dick stealing his haxing schtick* And Babs as Batgirl. Heck, maybe even bring back Steph as Spoiler, since she already had a brief cameo. And add Cassandra, since she's never even had an adaptation outside the comics, animated or otherwise, aside from an even briefer cameo in the JL cartoon. ;( ...Just give me all the Batkids. *shot*

...Except Dick, since I honestly really hate his version in YJ. Idk something about his voice really irked me even from watching clips before the show, but I truly found him insufferable early on. OTL I seriously want to smack him and tell him to shut up every time he does that annoying smart-aleck little laugh. >.>; Being a cocky/whiny brat might fly when he's off-setting the grimdark Batman, but when he's supposed to be working as part of a team of peers it becomes irritating. Really glad he wasn't chosen as leader right off the bat (pun not intended), though it still bugs me they had to insist he was "born" to lead the team. *sigh*[/rant]

On that note though, one thing I admire about the show is that it did seem to be trying to give exposure to lesser known superheroes, as it helped serve as an introduction to characters I wasn't familiar with before. (Ex: Artemis; watching her story arc unfold was quite interesting, as I had no idea what to expect.)

P.S. Conner is bae. <3 (Someone pls give Superboy a hug. ;; )

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