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Crystal Grove.

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: Literally stuck between a rock and a hard place, your quick consultation of your dex gives you much of the information vital, and with Salazar not going anywhere fast it is up to Meowth to deal with the shadowy owl. Quick out of the gate, the feline leaps into action, taking a breath and tapping into his icy energy reserves to exhale a windy blast towards the Decidueye, taking advantage of his technician skills to amplify the moderately strong technique's offensive force. The owl, spotting the incoming wind, opens its wings and begins to flap them to generate a wind of its own, amplified by the boosted special offensive. The ominous nature and greater force pushes through the Meowth's attack and residual winds buffet the cat and you, as you shiver at the fell breeze. Not to be outdone, Meowth begins to close the distance as your dex pings at you with some information. Checking it, you soon discover to your ill surprise the reason behind the noneffective move.

Glancing at the Arrow Quill, a sheen confirms all you need to know: your foe has gleaned a boost to all its stats, becoming more nimble and robust, while enhancing its natural strength. Despite this, the Scratch Cat begins to run circles around the bird, much like an ace pilot before taking the opportunity to strike, leaping over its back and delivering an aerial slice down the front, the boosted super effective move causing the avian to hoot in pain. Landing before it, Meowth turns around to find a sweeping leg kick out at his gut, the Decidueye's leer making it quite clear it was both impressed and not taking chances. Thrusting forward, Meowth is sent tumbling at a low angle, taking an equally mighty super effective blow, but is quick to recover.

As Meowth hears your next command, he begins to channel most of his electrical stores between his paws, preparing to launch the energy like a cannon towards the avian, hoping to zap it into paralysis, before you begin to question why it is simply standing there, watching, as though waiting for an opportunity to open itself...until your brain reminds you of the dex entry concerning its speed and precision and realise with a startle the dark energy swirling in its wing. You call to Meowth to stop, but it's too late.

As the normal type begins to thrust forward to launch his zap cannon, the Decidueye takes two rapid steps forward, bringing one wing up to the leafy cord attached to the hood and bringing it up, while the darkened wing grabs it, before firing an arrow forward steeped in the energy as you realise Meowth's been taken for a sucker. The arrow strikes the orb just as Meowth releases it, punching straight through and detonating the cannoncall in Meowth's face as the dart bursts apart against his chest, the feline's wail of surprise and pain evident. What's more, given the nature of the attack you feel the Decidueye should take some of the electrical damage given the contact nature of sucker punch, yet as the sparks dance around him, you find Meowth's the one paralyzed. Scanning the bird, you discover that it has a rather long reach.

Gasping, Meowth struggles to his feet, having taken considerable damage from the boosted dark move and having his move blow up in his face, while the owl steps closer, fifteen feet from you and begins to hoot something, which Meowth translates for you.

'Surrender, black scarab.'

You're in a bit of a pickle, with Meowth still willing to fight despite his state, though Salazar nudges you to something down the street approaching, though who or what it is remains a mystery to you. Another hoot from your surprisingly talented foe, as though expecting a response, as you begin to realise there may be a case of mistaken identity here...
Despite the fact that Meowth was immune to Decidueye's Ghost moves, the battle started to go very badly very quickly. Icy Wind was countered by Ominous Wind. The move didn't harm Meowth any, but that didn't give Keith much peace of mind, for a glance at his Pokédex confirmed the worst.

"Oh, crap," groaned Keith. "The Ominous Wind's side effect kicked in, Meowth!" he warned the Normal-type.

"Well, dat ain't good!" Meowth exclaimed. "I don't tink Icy Wind did a damn ting to it, either!"

"Gah... Alright, just use Aerial Ace, then," said Keith.

"Right!" Meowth nodded. He went in at great speeds, landing the super effective Flying move. Keith grinned at this... until Decidueye fought back, with a devastating Leer/Low Sweep combo that hit Meowth for massive damage.

"Meowth!" Keith exclaimed. "You OK?"

"Gah... Yeah, I'm good!" Meowth reported- he was quick to recover.

Keith nodded, relieved that Meowth was OK. "All right! Zap Cannon, let's go!" he ordered.

For a moment, Meowth looked as though he was going to launch this next move without any issues. It was perfect... almost too perfect. Indeed, at the critical moment, Decidueye made its move, landing a direct hit with Sucker Punch, and blowing up the Zap Cannon in Meowth's face. What was more, despite having to make contact with the Zap Cannon in order to do this, it was Meowth who was paralyzed, not Decidueye. "What?!" Keith exclaimed in disbelief. Desperate for an answer, he consulted his Pokédex.

"Decidueye's Ability- Long Reach," droned the device. "Decidueye's attacks do not require it to make physical contact."

Decidueye hooted something as Meowth climbed to his feet. "Gah..." Meowth grunted. "Decidueye's sayin', 'surrender, black scarab'. Watever dat means..."

"Who or what is the black scarab?!" Keith exclaimed. It seemed as though more and more questions were piling up. Why was this Decidueye so mercilessly going after him? Who was the black scarab? And why was Salazar nudging Keith? That last question, at the very least, Keith got the answer to by looking in the direction Salazar was indicating. Someone or something was approaching from down the street. Whether friend or foe, or indeed, human or Pokémon, was unclear at the moment. "And who the..." Keith murmured, thinking furiously... did this Decidueye mistake him for someone else? It had to be- he wasn't known as the black scarab, at least as far as he knew. In fact, come to think of it, considering Salazar's coloration and species... could this black scarab be some sort of bad guy who rides a similarly-colored Scolipede? Well, then. That would certainly explain the decidedly frosty welcome they got, too, come to think of it. Just how the hell was Keith supposed to clear his name, then, if indeed this was the case?

"Look, Decidueye," Keith said, deciding on the spot to try and reason with the Grass/Ghost-type. "I don't know who this black scarab guy you're after is, but all I can say is that it's not me!"

"He's tellin' da truth!" added Meowth. "Dis guy's as good a guy as dey come! He's da guy wat dat killed da tyrant Heatran in da heart o' Mt. Aduro! Ya had to have heard o' dat, right?" Meowth desperately hoped that Decidueye would listen to reason, or at the very least, would stop attacking. If it came right down to it, Meowth was prepared to fight back with a Punishment attack, but that was only if Decidueye tried to attack again- if the Arrow Quill Pokémon was more inclined to hear them out, then no attacks were gonna be fired.

Salazar, meanwhile, kept his red eyes focused on whoever or whatever was approaching. Immobile though he currently was, he still prepared to Protect himself and his Trainer should the need arise.

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