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Round 5: Wasting Space.

Taking advantage of his foe being confused as all fuck, the Snubbull sets up a quick Substitute, diverting his health into this temporary barrier, before diving in to Play Rough with the bamboozled chameleon! The Kecleon reels, before realising that she's been alleviated of the confusion that afflicted her, and slams the floor, her signature allowing her to trigger an Earthquake causing the already desecrated arena to crumble and groan under the stress as the substitute is disintegrated, revealing Angus not too far away, who also appears to have suffered the destabilising hit...

Kalypso is slightly ahead of her foe on health as the pair straddle the start of the final third between them. Sub and confusion are both kaput, Kalypso's on half Ground and is refreshed, whereas Angus is good for two.
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