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Ribcage Mall


Perhaps thinking yourself cheeky, you try to talk yourself out of the volatile situation. Blue is unimpressed with you, but you’re a confident man, or -- at least -- you project that air. The redheaded man twirls his bat, and chuckles, slowly approaching you.

“Oh, don’t worry,” he promises, with a sinister air. “We’re gonna have fun, boy.”

“Let’s take him to Arturo!” One of the boys drinking beer suggests. He looks like he can’t be older than 17. His buddy whoops and chimes in with a slightly slurred, “Yeah! Arturo!”

“Arturo might be fun,” the redhead considers, thoughtfully. He jabs you in the chest with the end of his bat, solid wood striking your sternum somewhat roughly. “How about it? Want to go see Arturo?”

“Houston, wait,” the blue-haired girl with the knitting needle speaks up. She has a thick, slightly nasally urban accent characteristic to the city. She stands, and approaches you and the red-headed man, whose name is apparently Houston; when she gets close, you can see that she has platinum blonde roots. “You know, we could use extra hands for Mission Syd. Who knows what we’re going to run into out there. Why don’t we take this little cutie with us?”

She gives you a flirtatious wink. Houston rolls his eyes. He takes a moment to consider the options. He scrutinizes the blue haired girl with the knitting needles. He scrutinizes you. He glances around the room at his various comrades.

“Alright, Princess,” he finally sighs. The woman rocks joyously on her heels, as Houston turns his attentions to you. “Tell you what, you little shit. You come with us, and we don’t turn you in to Arturo. You refuse, and we haul you in and let him deal with you. What’s it going to be?

Shanty Heights


Mathilda grinned as she stroked the Espeon’s head and large, fuzzy ears. She seemed utterly smitten with the creature, her face utterly lit up. Samantha, meanwhile, frowned as she listened to your introduction, smudged face contorted in distrust and displeasure.

“Like I hadn’t heard that before,” she accused. “The Shells come here all the time, pretending to be people who care, then the people they ‘save’ end up trafficked. Well, I’m not falling for it!”

You try to defend yourself, but you don’t have the opportunity. A distant scream echoes through the forum, from a couple of blocks away; when the three of you look up, you see smoke beginning to rise. Samantha curses under her breath.

“Another one,” she mutters. She pulls Mathilda away, heading down the street towards the source of the smoke. Being that you’re there to help -- and there appears to be a problem -- you follow after them. After a few minutes, you come upon a small house which has begun to be consumed by flames. A couple and their two children -- who you presume to be the owners -- are in tears outside while a group of men with a bucket train try in vain to quell the flames. One of them -- a young man with shaggy, wheat-colored hair -- seems to be familiar to Samantha, because she runs up to him, leaving Mathilda near you in her hurry.

“Jeremy!” She calls. “What happened?!”

“It’s another one, Sam,” the young man grunts, as he hoists another bucket to the man in front of him. “We think it’s the Ribs-”

“That’s my cousin, Jeremy,” Mathilda says, simply, as she watches the tragedy, having grown desensitized to the horror after so many. She moves to begin petting Freighya again. “He’s a Marshal. He used to work at the Headquarters, but he came back when the fires started.”

There seems to be a streak of arsons in the area, and the Ribs are to be involved. The Marshals have gotten involved. The locals are even more suspicious of people like you than you had initially thought. What will you do?

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