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Round 10

S12: So... bored... *stares intently at large red button on caster's desk*

TT: Nonononono. We are not covering the whole map in red again unless we have to.

MMS: *yaaawwwwwwwnn* I feel like we’ll have to soon at this rate.

Q: But we never even sold any shirts to pay for the first time the volcano went off…

Our Alakazam camera lights up the screen, revealing once again our two Ludicolo friends, now approaching a group of Marill that are actively guarding something from the two mariachis. On Ludicolo attempts to Attract the females of the group, but he's just not their type, and two of the males Tackle him for a bit of damage to send that message right home. The second Ludicolo has a bit more luck, his attempts to Confide in the group that other Pokemon in the arena may be attempting to make the volcano blow a second time. This startles the Marill, and makes them rather willing to listen to the duo, but immediately as the ducks attempt to persuade the group to come with them or hand over whatever it is they're guarding, the Marills take a defensive stance. They're just not that dumb. Suddenly, a Gallade comes and grabs the two ducks, Teleporting them off to who knows where. The Marills smile at the friendly Alakazam cameraman as he looks around to find nothing else of note, the rodents relaxing for a moment and the camera zooming in on what appears to be some sort of red half-sphere affixed to a metal box.

Q: That's one ugly looking Prank Egg...

MMS: At least, unlike the standard Prank Egg, that one looks pretty safe to dick around with.

S12: I dunno… it looks super familiar…

TT: One second, I’ll make sure we actually rounded up all the Poke Wu after the last GM.

Gardevoir leaves from where she was, now tracking after an Aggron as it makes it's way up the hill. The creature is on a mission for sure, scaring off some Alolan Geodude as it passes by and causing them to run for the caves. It takes a while due to well, being an Aggron, but eventually it reaches the rim of the volcano, stopping to survey the area. Content for the moment, it plays tic-tac-toe in the dirt with our Gardevoir camerawoman. Ismene wins. Suddenly, two Pokemon are Teleported directly into the chamber of the volcano, the camera panning over to spot a Ludicolo just below, and another figure out of distance on the further end. Looking back to the Aggron, it's rather apparent it's not happy with this development.

S12: Found one of the Ludis!

Q: But what's the other 'mon?

TT: And more importantly, when will people learn not to play simple games with the Gardevoir? She always wins.

MMS: Find out the answers to all these questions and more on the next round of Grand Melee! ...or not. Probably not, actually.


S12: Shit, Snorby’s going through withdrawal!

Q: I’ll hold him down, you call the dealer!

TT: ...yeah we rounded up all the Poke Wu, by the way. No idea what that thing was.

Orders will be due in to both myself and Snorby by 6 PM EST on Wednesday, April 26th. Please title your PMs as "Nickname - Gender Species - Round 11"
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