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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
Marshal's Headquarters (Marshals): Situated in the relatively stable north, the headquarters of the police force is a large compound with tight security, home to the Goldenridge Marshals in their fight to restore the name of Goldenridge to bedlam. The force has recently started a campaign against the Shells and Ribs, seeking to push them out of the city once and for all, and are willing to accept mercenary support from trainers willing to help out in the fight. The reinforced location seems to be more attractive to pokemon who enjoy a sense of justice and honour. Reply in Silver.
It had been a long time since Duke engaged in in any sort of work, or heck, any sort of traveling all together. In truth, the past few years had been a tad tumultuous for the veteran dragon trainer, and in a way, he had been looking for an excuse to put his domestic life on hold and reignite his sense of purpose.

In an attempt to emulate the freshness of a new start, he left everyone behind, though, of course, that meant everyone but his dearest starting companion. How could he, anyways? The overly attached Seviper wouldn’t allow it even if he earnestly tried - which he didn’t - and Duke ultimately found it a pointless endeavor anyways. Besides, he would be needing her strength which he so devotedly nurtured. They weren’t really in for adventure on this particular journey, but rather, a mission. The rest of the gang he could trust to take good care of things back at home.

Goldenridge City had fallen hard as a result of turf wars and crime, and the Goldenridge Marshals have had to resort to mercenary aid in order to fuel their efforts of restoring order. Duke was no mercenary, and he hardly had interest in monetary compensation, nor did he have a particularly developed sense of justice, which he at least hoped was on par with that of the average, every-day man. What the Marshal’s plea represented to him in this case was an opportunity to grant him some focus; in other words, a distraction, if it is to be said in a blunt and simple manner, but Duke had always believed that, even if motivated by selfishness, there’s no motive unworthy enough when the end result is to do good for the people, and the cause itself was worthy of his attention. Chris on the other hand was just excited at the prospect of breaking backs and making thugs humble.

Stepping into the headquarters, Duke starts looking around in an attempt to locate the recruiting officer.

(Active party: Seviper)


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