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Round 3: Pixie and the Beast

Spoiler: show
Originally Posted by Jerichi
"Brick Break, Fire Blast."
Originally Posted by MLC
"If my opponent wants to see power, I guess I'll oblige with a Full Charge Hyper Beam. Then I'll rejuvenate myself a bit with a Wish."

Small eyes now burning with a determination to see the interloper who had dared to rouse it from slumber, Jirachi shrugs its body, working some of the numbing pain out of its joints. Lustre sees no reason to allow her foe the time to recover in any capacity. Her mouth open wide, the Aggron unleashes a curdling cry as she launches into yet another assault, raising her right arm high above her head. Despite her immense size, she moves swiftly - albeit awkwardly - and when her hammering strike comes down on Jirachi, the small Psychic type realises with a sickening twist that this blow was about much more than simple hurt. The barrier surrounding the legendary being shatters into pieces, leaving Jirachi much more vulnerable. Jirachi does not enjoy this feeling. Shrieking loudly, the small legend begins to tremble with an immense, terrifying power. Condensing rapidly, a flickering orange sphere hangs in the air before the pixie, and Lustre has nowhere to escape to. A flash of light engulfs the entire cavern, and Lustre's groans of pain can be barely heard above the intense, whining thrum of energy echoing through the air.

As the dust slowly clears, Lustre thrusts her arms apart to dispel the rest of the haze hanging around her, chips of the cavern having been cracked onto her sturdy carapace. A distinct grunt of irritation embodies the pain she had just been subjected to, but her revenge was near enough instant. Her maw flared to life as embers began to spew onto the surrounding ground, each one petering out but spelling a nasty intent for Jirachi. Hissing fury, Lustre opens her mouth wide to accommodate a searing rush of flame, the bright effigy rushing through the air to smash into the petite body of Jirachi. Knocked back by the sheer intensity of the flames, the wish maker sobs softly as it prays to those it holds dear - body becoming rapidly reinvigorated as a consequence, much to the chagrin of Lustre.

Lustre maintained her strong lead in the eyes of her trainer, with Jirachi looking decidedly more scuffed up than the Aggron. Jirachi might not hang on for much longer, but the Psychic type is looking much fresher than Lustre, who is clearly flagging somewhat.
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