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Dragonair Round 18: Fight!

As Neela the Druddigon goes down, Mew realises he has a single Pokemon left and decides to get help from his Tyrantrum who goes by the name of... Drago, dammit Mew. Anyway, Drago makes a loud thumping(?) sound on the desert floor, looking around as she seems to think he owns the place and for all we know he does. Drago builds Fighting energy in this left and teeny tiny arm as he charges at Juno, the Mega Mom looking at the dragon as she has all the plans in the world on how to completely stuff the Tyrantrum up worse than EK trusting Kots and Austo in the currently ongoing GM... Which was pretty bad, to be brutally honest. Juno kicks forward as Drago rushes her, her foot stays low as it connects with the dino who drops face first while connecting the Brick Break smack-on the head of the Mega Kangaskhan who looks ready to completely pulverise the Tyrantrum before her and her tiny joey.

The Mega Mom wastes no time as it jumps on the back of the Tyrantrum who is trying to get up, even though he's fresh he's not quick enough to beat the movement of a Pokemon who is already very much upright. The Mega Mom charges up a shitton of fighting energy into her right fist, the little joey cheering and roaring as Juno just keeps calm and focuses on what she's doing as her first starts to become extremely charged up with energy. The time is soon right, as well as the price, and Juno punches into the back of the Tyrantrum with a massive Focus Punch which causes a great deal of pain, enough pain for Drago to toss the Mega Mom off of its back in an instant. Drago then turns around as he prepares yet another Brick Break which looks mighty fierce before smacking down into the Kangaskhan who takes a nasty blow, reverting to her regular forme before crashing onto the soft sand below.

Juno is unable to battle, final 'mon and orders from Jeri


While good on energy, Drago has taken a shitton of damage as he nears the final third.
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