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The Ribcage Mall

134: The skies were full of clouds of moisture as though Kyogre yawned and breathed the very blobs out, as your displeasure at the rain had led you to panic through the silent streets, Kakahai less than impressed with your position while ignoring the drizzle. You had stumbled upon the city on your travels, yet misfortune had it that the settlement was in a state of uproar and discord, and you found yourself in a rather rundown part of the city.

Your single-track mind ignoring the surroundings, your sight drifts to a structure, abandoned and decrepit yet still standing strongly, a fortress against the weather, though you fail to recognise or even notice the sprayed murals dotted across the war-torn landscape. Rushing for safety through the rear of the mall, your collision with the door and then realisation the door pulled only made you feel sheepish. Your Vaporeon, giving a slight roll of the eye at your terrible attempts at humour, starts to paw at the door, and you receive the hint as your clothing starts to yield to the constant downpour. Giving a gentle but firm tug of the handle, your heart rises as the door begins to creak open...then sinks swiftly as you open it an inch before a thick chain snags, a rather loud rattle echoing into the hallways, leaving you stuck outside.

Not to be perturbed, you shake at the door, rattling the chains in the hope of someone coming, taking a glance behind your drenched form in hopes of attention, which is when you notice the many, many tags sprayed, what appear to be a set of four vertically aligned circles, bottom open and ends tapered, connected to a strip with an hourglass repeat. Suddenly concerned for yourself, a sudden thicker raindrop lands on your shoulder, though on inspection is revealed to be a white and dark streak, droppings only familiar to...

Looking up, your eyes catch the rear end of a small grey object, which then turns around, big yellow eyes on the small pigeon connecting with yours, looking at you with curiosity. The Pidove cooes at you, tilting its head at you as your bird keeper roots has your sunken heart suddenly aflutter, until the bird turns around and hops towards the building, out of sight. As you continue to soak, Kakahai hits your leg lightly, the Vaporeon alerting you to the faint echo of approaching footsteps, and a proper look into the door's window reveals more of the sprayed tags as whoever is within slowly approaches. You could wait it out in the rain for whoever is coming to arrive, but the tiny pigeon and the ledge, too high for you to reach by mere jumping, seems too tempting. To the left, you spot a pile of rubble and bricks that seem to form a makeshift staircase up to the ledge, which you could scale without too much trouble, though it would mean getting soaked, and there's no telling what's on the ledge without heading into the thick of the rain.

Wait for the approaching figure with no idea on their temperament, or climb onto the ledge and pursue the Pidove: What path will you choose?

Cold and wet, cold and wet, Lugia have mercy, it was cold and wet!

Tate danced in place a bit as all options were considered. The door was chained shut. What to do? They could walk around and try to find another door. They could just leave, and try to find somewhere to wait out the storm. They could give up on getting dry, and play in the rain; Kai would probably like that...

Tate was jarred from the line of though by a particularly weighty splatter on one shoulder. The warm, vaguely gelatinous ooze was a familiar sensation; the amateur ornithologist knew even before looking that it was the mute of a bird. Tate grimaced and brushed the worst of it off, before looking up to try and find the source of the biological sample. What Tate found was a plump grey rump hanging over the edge of the awning. After a moment, the owner of the posterior turned around, and peered down at the trainer it had assaulted. Tate looked into its precious, golden eyes and grew immediately excited.

"Pidove," Tate mouthed, withdrawing the Pokédex from the pocket of the sagging overall bib which hung limply on the trainer's shoulders. "The Tiny Pigeon Pokémon."

The device -- encased in an Oshawott Box waterproof case for moments just like thiis -- identified the creature, and began to narrate the encyclopedia entry.

These Pokémon live in cities. They are accustomed to people. Flocks often gather in parks and plazas. When tame, it follows its Trainer's orders as best it can, but sometimes fails to understand complicated commands.
"You are so handsome," Tate cooed at the bird. The bird cocked its head and cooed back at the trainer. Tate squeaked in joy. Then the bird turned and began hopping away! Tate's initial response was to begin 'following' the bird, and the trainer took a few steps backward in an effort to get a better view of the ledge. When that didn't work, Tate returned to the doorway and tried to lure the bird back into view with bird calls. The bird keeper was just considering whether or not jumping into the ledge might be feasible, when Kahakai smacked her trainer in the calf with a thick, muscular tail. The sound of shoes on distant floor tiles slowly came into earshot. Peering through the window, amid the unnerving gang signs and disarray, a humanoid shadow approached. Tate suddenly became rattled. They had no idea who or what was inside this mall, Tate realized. There could be people. There could be criminals. There could be a cult. What if ghosts?!

The rational, logical, scientific part of Tate's brain became overpowered by the emotional, hysterical, superstitious part. Fuck that noise, Tate decided, stepping away from the door. Tate didn't even fuck with Ghost types. Whatever creepy things was inside the mall could peace out.

The trainer looked around, for a quick place to get away to. Bricks and rubble were stacked up against the concrete wall nearby, and the pile formed something of a staircase. Could the Pidove still be up there? Maybe they could find a nest! Pidove did nest on cliff-like structures...

"It's better than the freakin' Limberman," Tate announced, having decided that the figure in the mall was totally the fictional Limberman; a disproportionate, humanoid figure with purple skin and an expressionless face that steals away children in the night. Nudging Kahakai with one foot to get her attention, the trainer motioned to the rubble pile with a nod of the head. Then, jittery with adrenaline, Tate made a dash for it, scrambling on all fours up to the ledge like a frightened animal. Limberman was right behind them! Tate hit the ledge panting. Kahakai, a more refined creature, reached the top a few seconds later, dainty and without having broken a sweat. Tate looked over the edge to make sure 'Limberman' hadn't seen or followed them -- of course he hadn't, because he didn't exist -- before shimmying along across the ledge to try and find the Pidove, or some other sign of life.


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