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Round 2: Water resists water.....

For some reason Pua seems to think she can win this match up using resisted moves as she fires an inky shot of water at Noa. The Marieane leans forward to take the hit to the head, saving her already weakened eyesight before pelting the Horsea with another barrage of spikes from atop her head. The attack is a bit of the mark due to the previou Octazooka but this is somewhat made up for as the spikes smash against the sore spot on Pua's chest.

Pua continues her resisted assault, shooting a stream of steam hot water at Noa. While the Marieane shrugs of the initial damage, a burn forms on her top that will continue to pain her for some time. She replies quickly though, firing a large bomb of poison energy at the Horsea. It explodes across her chest and some of the toxins seep into her system, leaving her poisoned!

Pua is into the second third and poisoned while Noa is burnt and still well within the first third. Both can continue giving it their all for now.

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