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I would like to suggest a buff to one of the obscure tokens offered in the shop, the Starter's Token.

Starter's Token (10 SP) - This token boosts STAB attacks by 5%. So, for example, a Charizard wearing this token token will have boosted Fire and Flying type moves. If a Pokémon has had its type changed via type, this token boosts the type(s) to which it has been changed and does not boost the type(s) which it has lost.
It seems to be a tad out of date in power, especially given what the other 10 SP tokens offer for the same price, and even the 3 SP type tokens offer the same total power for one type alone. Could we buff the STAB boost to 10% or maybe 15%, or offer some other bonus alongside it?


Defender's Token (5 SP) - This token negates any effects granted by tokens worn by opposing Pokémon. So, if this token's holder is facing a Pokémon holding a TwistedSpoon Token, that Pokémon will not enjoy boosted Psychic moves.
People seem to forget this token exists to begin with so it isn't much of an issue as it otherwise might be, but can we add in a line near the end clarifying that it doesn't prevent mega stones from working? As it reads right now it can stop Mega Stones, as they are classified as tokens.
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