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Originally Posted by Lil'twick View Post
Austin saw how the girls laughed at his comparison, and did some apparent mockery of Team Skull. It was cute, and quite juvenile. However, both of them wanted to test him. It seems his attempt at pacifism didn't work. Oh well, like it mattered. A sadistic grin soon covered his face. He was ready, fangs bared.

"Ladies, you know two on one isn't fair right? Anyways, you've been naughty kids, so I think I need to give you some punishment~" he cooed as he drew out Wisp and Marie's balls. He saw they already had their Pokemon out. A Yamask with a gruesome demise, and a ravenous Carvahna with blood-stained teeth. Perfect.

He threw the Poke Ball and Ghost Ball into the air. Out came a Litwick and a Gengar, who both seemed to be happy to see him. The Litwick tackled him with a hug, causing Austin to give it a small bat on the head. At this point, Wisp never feasted on him. The Gengar gave him a snigger and hten stuck out her tongue. She then cleared her throat, and started to speak.

"Hey Gingy, I was having a fun nap you know," Marie sighed, not even noticing her foes behind her. Austin sighed, then gave his answer.

"Sorry mother, we have a battle to do."

"Oh we do now?" she asked playfully before turning around. The girls seemed to be a bit surprised at a talking Gengar. "HEY! Didn't your mother ever teach you to not stare at strangers? Oh, what happened to your Pokemon? I didn't know that trainers were starting to put makeup on their Pokemon too now. Oh well, they'll be needing it once we're done."

"Marie that was too harsh," Austin responded, shaking his head. Wisp just gave the Gengar a stern look.

"Hey it was all in jest, orders sir?"

"Anyways girls. Time to play! Marie, how about we start off this match by giving the Yamask a nice Shadow Punch! Then a Night Shade should do nicely... Finish off by shooting a Confuse Ray to the fish. A fish out of water isn't fun now, isn't?" He ordered.

"Yes sir!"

"Wisp, let's assist Marie for a second. Trap the Yamask in a Fire Spin. No escape from the flames of judgement. Then let's make some tempura... fry the fish with Shock Wave, and then an Energy Ball!"

Let the show begin.

The girls both snort at your protest that two on one isn't fair. The black haired one, Aimee, replies sarcastically:

"Life isn't fair, buddy! Ya better learn to deal with that quick if you're gonna be a real Rib, ya got that!?" She says, her Carvanha snapping in assent. She's right, you know: even the unfair is fair game in a gang war, after all. But you knew that already.

You shrug, and bring out two of your partners, a Litwick and a Gengar. You pat the Litwick on its head to get him off of your leg, the Ghost type turning to face its adversaries with a glare that looks more cute than anything else, at least to you. Your Gengar, however, is slightly less enthused to be outside, informing you that they were just napping. You tell them to get over it, for battle is nigh, and you are in need of her assistance, after all.

"A talking Gengar? That's weird." Tara says, slightly surprised, but not intimidated. Aimee is much the same, more curious than anything.

"Yeah, how'd you manage that, huh?" she asks.

Marie then delightedly rips into your opponents, metaphorically at least: shaming their lack of proper manners probably wouldn't do much to affect a gangster, but the Genger's quip about makeup sets Aimee off.

"That's not makeup! It's blood, Shredder here tore off a Yungoos' tail just yesterday!" she says, clearly meaning to make it sound as intimidating as possible. Perhaps it wouldn't be a good idea to provoke either girl any further-the Carvanha seems to only grow angrier, especially as Aimee does. Thus, you instruct Marie to belay her trash talk and prepare to fight, and give both your Pokemon their orders.

"Henchy, Imprison that Gengar then hit it with Payback! Finish with a Shadow Ball to the Litwick!" Tara orders.

"Shredder, Taunt that Gengar, then put the Litwick in a Whirlpool! End off with an Assurance to Gengar!" Aimee says, the Carvanha grinning, pleased to finally have orders.

The battle begins in earnest, Marie quickly floating over to the Yamask, Henchy, and delivering a shadowy punch right into its face. The opposing Ghost type begins an ominous chant, and a glowing black ring wraps around Marie, leaving her Imprisoned, unable to use any moves the two Pokemon have in common.

Wisp takes the opportunity to jump into action, conjuring a vortex of flame around the Yamask, leaving it singed for its every attempt to escape its prison. Henchy is fed up at this point, muttering incomprehensible curses between groans of pain, and its hands glow an ominous purple before twin bolts of retribution strike Marie dead on-a strong dose of Payback, as it were. Though the attack was executed, flawlessly, and Marie will be feeling the sting, it certainly wasn't devastating.

Shredder seizes the opportunity to jump in, mocking Marie's foolhardiness to simply rush into battle like that, Taunting her quite effectively. In anger, she attempts to use Night Shade, but the black ring's glow intensifies-it seems that move is sealed off for now. Frustrated, she doesn't even bother trying Confuse Ray-it's probably sealed off anyway, in her mind.

Henchy takes advantage of the confusion, launching a dark purple orb into Wisp, the Litwick grunting in irritation at the super effective attack. Wisp charges its body with electricity, loosing a potent Shock Wave into Shredder, who howls in pain and snaps its jaws menacingly. It's glare intensifies, and suddenly you notice that something's off about the rain. It has begun to intensify, and...swirl, even, and now you see it: the droplets concentrate around Wisp and coagulate into a Whirlpool, washing the poor Ghost-Fire Type in a circle.

Pleased with its work, Shredder looks towards Marie, who has a not-so flattering look towards the Carvanha. Entire body glowing black, Shredder lunges at Marie, the Assurance attack reacting to the prior damage, causing Marie a great deal of discomfort, but she shakes it off. Wisp concentrates on finding its footing, and charges an Energy Ball, timing its shot so as to graze the Carvanha's top fins. The piranha cries out once more, snapping wildly. Is this thing even under control!?

Wisp and Marie aren't badly damaged, though Marie is Imprisoned, and Wisp has a Whirlpool around them that only gets stronger in the rain...

What's your next move?
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