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I think the main issue with disobedience is how to ref it. I don't think there's much relevant precedent to look back on and the balance of how to do it is... tricky. Very easy for a novice ref to completely cock up a match with it and you can't blame them for it.

If it's one of the "anger" triggers, then a proper interpretation would be the pokemon ignoring a non-offensive attack like Light Screen in favor of an offensive one, which (for fairness) I'd suggest generally be a STAB/Normal/XX typed move of equivalent energy. If there are multiple that seem appropriate, either pick based on gut for best apt or just randomize like Sleep Talk. Basically think automatic Swagger or Taunt... which then begs the question of what triggers "anger" since the most obvious answer is Swagger which makes the SC clause redundant. I suppose there's the rarely used Rage Powder, and I guess if you use Rage with that pokemon (which also more or less never happens). But beyond that... it can get dangerously discretionary without any real guidelines to go off of. Would a strong SE move do it? Or would it do the opposite? Perhaps if the pokemon is getting frustrated from losing? But what would be that point? Without real guidelines, this mechanic is subpar. Susceptibility to Swagger and whatnot with added attack boost honestly suffices since it does basically the same thing but with less chance for ref cockups.

I think Minccino and Cinccino are actually rather straightforward. Yes there's the "why put a vulnerability on a pokemon that already kinda sucks" issue, but I just like having these more quirky and unique SC effects that give the opponent more creative/non-standard ways to go after the opponent. Main issue is how Minccino cleans itself off without there being readily available water in the arena. Safeguard to push it off? Just kinda standing there and rubbing it out? Eh. If you want to keep the effect, though, I think that a better way to do phrase it is to say that the pokemon will prioritize cleaning itself to minimize confusion/misreffing.

For Kanga... I remember we've had this discussion a lot of times and I will refer back to whatever was concluded if anything. Don't remember what it was though.

Then there's the whole "two uplevels or an uplevel that Mega Evolves" disobedience thing. Properly interpreting this is difficult. You basically have to figure out the pokemon's personality and go based off that which ASB just really isn't well suited for. We don't have the RP mechanics of Fizzy Bubbles and Wild Future. I agree with Shuckle that you outta just toss out the disobedience chance and just make it outright against the rules unless you have the badge that says otherwise.
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