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Qyburn lurches forward and attempts to gather his noxious powers, trying to push through the intense paralysis. With a rather disgusting gurgle, he manages to hock up a partially formed ball of toxic matter and fires it towards the Goodra. Unable to duck out of the way, she is hit in by the nasty goo, bemoaning her now filthy state. Enraged by such an affront, her body once more alights with a menacing array of sparks before she cries out, sending another bolt of electricity towards the puddle. With nowhere to go, Muk is hit by the lightning, grunting as he is once more electrocuted. Fortunately for Qyburn, that shock was all he need to break the paralytic hold on him, as he enthusiastically barrages Freida with another round of the sludgy spheres. This time, some of the toxic substance seeps into her mouth; that can't possibly be good. Frieda seems to be in some serious pain due to her recent bout of poisoning.

Freida's health has been knocked near the midpoint after that assault, but she has caught her breath. She is now poisoned. Qyburn, on the other hand, is close to his second third in vitality, but is fine for two.


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