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Focusing intently and glowing faintly, Propaganda decides also to hide behind a carbon copy of himself, the real Lickilicky taking cover in an undisclosed location. Aeria, none the wiser to his clever disguise, blows her foe a kiss filled with magical energy, the pink hearts smacking into Propaganda's soft, squishy body. The long tongued creature starts to giggle uncontrollably and teeters around the arena drunkenly; this guy should have played Peter Russo from House of Cards because his performance is impeccable. Aeria, fully convinced of her foe's stupor, charges a dense ball of electrical energy before her and flings it towards her 'confused' foe. The Lickilicky-clone smirks in triumph as he is hit dead on by the electrical assault, utterly destroyed, as the real Propaganda pushes aside a rock in the Clefable's tomb.


Dipping his tail into the pinkish water behind him, he rides a sparkly wave up and over the trapped fairy. Aeria's substitute takes the brunt of the aquatic assault, cracks rapidly forming on its body before it disintegrates entirely. Propaganda immediately spots the real Clefable around six feet away from him, ready for the next bout of combat

Aeria is feeling a good bit less chilled than before and suffered no further damage this round. Her electrical energies have been greatly, although not entirely, depleted. Propaganda is entirely out of water energy, and only suffered residual damage as well as the cost of his substitute. He wouldn't mind a break.


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