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Round 8

TT: Now taking bets on how many more rounds this goes!

Q: Five! Three! SEVENTEEN!

S12: Jeez I hope not.

MMS: Hey, the more that die, the more powder I have to get me through the rest of the GM. So I’m liking the idea of a lot of deaths.

Our Alakazam cam pops in on a Dugtrio, turning to see two Ludicolo each do a Rain Dance, slowly making their way towards the tri-mole. The second they’re in range, Dugtrio lets loose with a Sludge Bomb, breaking both of their Substitutes. The Ludicolo retaliate with two Surf waves, though, which thoroughly soak the poor Ground type and are especially painful in the rain. It decides this is probably a bad fight and books it to the east, rushing away with a burst of Agility, coming to rest along the riverbank. The camera pans to the river, showing a small group of Marill intently guarding something.

S12: Welp. Sun's gone for now.

TT: Aww, look at the little Marill trying to be threatening. Adorable.

MMS: Can’t help but wonder what would be so valuable that a group of Marill would be willing to stand up to the powerful ‘mon we’re seeing the GM, though.

Q: Prolly just a prank egg.

Gardevoir sticks around with the Marowak and small army of Sudowoodo. One of the Marowak promptly decides to Confide in the army a terrible secret, and ask for their help, handing over a Prank Egg in return. The group immediately uses a series of Rock Tombs to surround the fort as best they possibly can, while the other Marowak looses a Water Gun in an attempt to put out the fire, doing an okay job of it. The first Marowak follows suit with a Mud Slap, which works well enough. What really helps, though, is the rain that starts pouring down over the area midway through the round. It does startle the Sudowoodo and cause them to flee into the jungle to find shelter, though. At least by the end of the round the fires are put out, more or less.

MMS: Man, these Marowak are really going all out for the style points. Bravo!

TT: Well, they are actually important this time around.

S12: Wait what? Seriously?

Q: No KOs? Boo.

MMS: B-but muh powder!!!

S12: It’s okay. We’ve got the dealer on speed dial.

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