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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
I'd like to welcome Missingno. Master and 134/Tate to my fold, and it'd be my enjoyment to give the two of you something memorable. I'm aiming for one or two updates a week, given college will be returning fairly soon for me. That said, the wait is over.

And I'd like to reiterate to others here thay you're free to take up others if you wish.

Crystal Grove

Missingno. Master: You were no stranger to adventure at all, even in the circumstances which brought you to the city once known as Goldenridge. Astride your dark steed, the Scolipede's swift movements and great size serving you well in travel, and with your Meowth's complaints on the location shot down with your list of achievements in defeating disorder, you were confident that the Shells and Ribs would be no match for a man who could very well be considered for a spot on the Elite Four...if they were still in Fizzytopia.

Pointing Salazar in the direction of buildings, your first impressions of Bedlam City from the hillside road was inspiring to say the least. To the right, a magnificent cathedral structure hid the heart of darkness of the Shells, a group you had heard rumours of being an offshoot of your longtime nemesis. To the left, a militaristic structure that stood as the base of the Marshals, who were fighting to restore order and kick the criminals out of the city. Ahead, the gates of the Crystal Grove, your destination, with a colossal castle structure beyond it, giving you the feeling of unease just looking at it, despite the grandeur.

As your group entered the city, your eyes are drawn to the buildings. Masterfully constructed of the likes of granite, marble and sandstone, the noble quarter was resplendent with some of the most impressive gardens you have ever seen, with all sorts of wildlife in them milling around their daily lives. Bugs, grass types, even a few pond pokemon here and there. To the right, a gentle Torterra soaked up the sun's rays while a Beedrill tended to their Weedle, gnawing on the tortoise's tree leaves, though it did not mind. To the left, an artificial waterfall cascaded down rocks, with Lotad floating in the waters and unusual spidery pokemon skittered around, heads enveloped in an orb of water, the Dewpider playing around.

Riding past them, the Scolipede slows down to a trot as you and Meowth only then begin to notice the people in the grove are making efforts to put distance between themselves and you. A pair of women shoo their children to the side indoors, glaring at you with suspicion, while men close their window shutters, the feeling of alienation quite obvious. It isn't just the wealthy either, as the servants also make it their duty to get away from you and your steed. Was it you or your pokemon that was the problem?

This behaviour continues for a couple of minutes as clouds billow over the sun, rendering the area overcast as you come to a clearing, stopping to get your bearings. You had came here to help the city out, yet their distrust and apparent fear was unusual, and not due to social standing either. Stepping off Salazar, you and Meowth begin to discuss the problem when something suddenly zooms past you at alarming speed, whirling around you and Salazar before striking the ground, embedding into the cobblestone as a sharp pain erupts in your ankle and Salazar growls in pain. Glancing down, you spot a ring of energy around your leg and another around two of Salazar's, a spiritual chain extending between the ring and the object...a rather strong looking arrow formed of a feather of sorts. Attempting to move away from it, you get five feet before realising with dawning horror that you've been trapped - shackled, it seems.

A low croon from behind you fixes your attention to a rooftop, where a humanoid figure stands, clad in green and tan brown, with a colour exactly like the arrow. A swift consultation of the pokedex on this unidentified avian confirms it after a few long seconds of scanning to be a Decidueye, the avian's nasty gaze with those piercing eyes making it quite clear it's plotting something...and appears to have a bone to pick with you.

You and Salazar are for the most part trapped, though Meowth appears to be perfectly nimble as the bird hops down to a lower wall, preparing an attack. What's your plan?
As they arrived in Crystal Grove, Keith looked around. Even in spite of the rather dire state of affairs Goldenridge as a whole was in, he still couldn't help but admire his surroundings. The buildings were beautifully constructed, and the gardens were just plain beautiful. And packed with Pokémon, too- Torterra, Beedrill, Weedle, Lotad, and even rather unusual bugs with their heads enveloped in an orb of water. Curious about them, Keith pointed his Pokédex at one of these.

"Dewpider, the Water Bubble Pokémon. A Water and Bug-type," droned the Pokédex. "Dewpider lives in the water, though goes ashore to search for food. Its water bubble helps it breathe while offering protection to its soft head."

"I ain't neva seen Dewpider before," Meowth remarked.

"Yeah, neither have I," Keith agreed.

"Scoli," nodded Salazar.

Before long, however, not even as unusual a sight as Dewpider could distract Keith from the sort of welcome he was getting, for lack of a better word- for indeed, the welcome Keith and his Pokémon were getting from the locals was as warm and welcoming as a Regice's ass. "Yeesh," Meowth remarked as some women shooed their children indoors at the sight of them. "Is it just me, or do dey not seem happy ta see us?"

"It ain't just you, Meowth," Keith responded. "I mean, I can't exactly blame them for being wary of newcomers, considering what's going on, y'know? Salazar, stop here," he added as they came to a clearing.

"Scoli," nodded the Bug/Poison-type, coming to a halt so as to let his Trainer dismount.

"Alright, so... the question is, what are we gonna- WHAT THE-" Keith exclaimed, for as he started to try and discuss matters with Meowth, he was rather abruptly interrupted by something flying past him. Whatever it was, it whirled around both Keith and Salazar before stabbing the cobblestone path. As that happened, Salazar gave a pained growl, and at the same time, Keith felt a stabbing pain in his ankle. "GAH!" he exclaimed.

"Wat was dat?!" Meowth exclaimed.

"I dunno, but it felt super effective!" Keith grunted, looking at what had flown their way. It seemed to be some sort of odd arrow formed from a feather of some sort, and a few ghostly chains connected to it were binding it to Keith and Salazar. Both Scolipede and Trainer tried to move away, only to find that the ghostly bindings had them trapped. Before Keith could begin to panic properly, however, a sound reached his ears that made him whirl around, fixing his attention to a rooftop. More to the point, fixing his attention to the odd humanoid figure clad in tan and green stood. "Wha- what's that?!" Keith exclaimed, pointing his Koffing-purple Pokédex at the newcomer.

"Decidueye, the Arrow Quill Pokémon, and the evolved form of Dartrix," the device responded. "A Grass and Ghost-type. Decidueye fires arrow quills from its wings with great precision, allowing it to pierce a pebble over a hundred yards away. Its special attack is the Spirit Shackle."

"Spirit... Shackle?" Keith repeated, glancing once again at the ethereal chains what bound him and Salazar in place. As he glanced back up at Decidueye, the Pokédex continued.

"Spirit Shackle- Decidueye's special attack. Decidueye fires an arrow quill imbued with ghostly energy. This Ghost-type move inflicts damage and traps its target, preventing it from fleeing."

"Well, that explains a lot," remarked Keith, though his concern at the moment was with Decidueye- the adept avian archer made it clear by the look in its eyes that it had a bone to pick with Keith, and that it was about to try another attack.

"Meowth- you're a Normal-type, that's why Spirit Shackle didn't affect you," Keith remarked. "We're gonna need to battle Decidueye! Think you can do it?"

"Ehhh, guess I ain't got no choice," Meowth said shakily.

"That's the spirit," Keith said sarcastically. "Look, just get in there, OK? Use Icy Wind, then go in for an Aerial Ace! And as soon as you got a clean shot, see if we can't stun it with a good Zap Cannon!"

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