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Lebron's a monster

Singlehandedly brought his team back from a 25 point deficit at halftime to pull out Game 3 at Indiana

That series is over lol

So far disappointed with my Celtics, they've been completely outhustled and outrebounded by the Bulls so far. It's halftime of Game 3 right now and Robin Lopez only has 2 rebounds, but Isaiah's cold, so hopefully this marks a turnaround. Brad Stevens has benched Amir Johnson and started Gerald Green tonight who has been absolutely effervescent off the bench for us.
Maybe this small ball lineup will have enough energy to overcome Chicago's grit?? Rondo, who outrebounded all of our bigs in the first half of game 2 (7 rebounds in one half!!!!!!!!), has a broken thumb, which gives the Celtics a chance. (Get better soon, though, Rajon).

Spoiler: show
Prayers are with Isaiah Thomas' family as Isaiah has been asked to perform at his regular All-Star level in the wake of the highly unfortunate death of his sister, Chyna Thomas. I can't even imagine losing a sibling, so this has to be absolutely devastating for that family.

Rudy Gobert's not likely too play for the rest of the first round, and even though the Jazz managed to pull out a win against the Clips without him in Game 1, DJ and Blake Griffin absolutely dominated in the paint without Gobert protecting the rim in Game 2. Derrick Favors is a phenomenal (albeit mildly undersized) rim protector, though, and I expect the series will continue to be interesting. I'm looking forward to tonight's game.

Harden v. Westbrook has been as entertaining as expected, but the Rockets actually have a good chance of a sweep.

Fizdale's "Take That for Data" rant is viral, and it sees like it's succeeded in bringing the Grizzlies together. The Spurs are still my picks to win this series, but I can see the Grizzlies winning one or two more games.

Me on SP

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