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Round 7

MMS: *wipes powder from upper lip* After the nonsense from last round, I’ve got extra! Woo-Hoo!

S12: Sure helped in getting this round done quickly, too.

Our first camera comes to life, revealing Gardevoir promptly teleporting to find a Marowak gathering an army of incredibly irritated Sudowoodo and Bonsly as flames approach from the north. The army decides to start its march south, towards more smoke and flame, and after passing it find the culprit, the Pyroar using Inferno to set yet another tree ablaze. The Marowak pumps an Earth Power into the beast, who was for some reason skulking slowly despite leaving a clear trail to follow, and causes the Pyroar to begin to book it to the west. But the army quickly chases him down with Rock Throws from the Bonsly and Stone Edges from the Sudowoodo. A large portion of the rocks miss, but there are sheerly too many to dodge them all and the damage is too great, causing the Pyroar to collapse, KO'd, just as another Marowak emerges from Digging through the ground. The two Marowak look at eachother, as well as the base they had built together, as flames begin to encroach from the north, as well as further fires caused by the lava to the west.


MMS: Aww, fort-building rounds were like the most fun off-camera shenanigans we had all GM.

TT: If you lot let your fort get destroyed you lose all the style points you got for making it. Fun fact.

The Alakazam camera boots up, showing its holder teleport off to find a Houndoom by the incoming lava. It runs north, only to be intercepted by a Marowak. The Houndoom attempts to loose a Smog to cover its escape, but it's cut slightly short by a Bulldoze by the Marowak. The poisonous gas was perhaps a poor idea, as between the encroaching lava, burning forest, and bright sun above, it easily is ignited, causing a chain explosion that damages the Houndoom as well as blows up the Substitute of the Marowak, showing there to be four Marowak clones which were just barely outside of the explosion's range. The Marowak all toss their bones at the hound with Bonemerang, hurting the poor pup quite a bit. Still attempting to flee, the dog is struck with a second Bonemerang by the group, leaving it so battered it looks as though it would collapse if you breathed on it the wrong way. Deciding it really wants out of here, it makes a jump into the river, but even though it's definitely not at it's highest point, the cliff is still a fair way up, and the dog reaches terminal velocity with ease before splashing down, taking the ever so slight amount of damage it needed to be KO'd.

TT: Unlike in videogames, falling into water is still falling, folks.

S12: Physics? In my ASB?

Q: It's more likely than you think.

MMS: Huh, we’re getting extra KOs here, too. Better start adjusting my powder rations…

Q: Looks like we had one additional KO elsewhere.

S12: Congratulations on current survivors for beating the halfway mark!

MMS: You’ve all done well to get this far! You’d do even better to kill more people next round, though. Snorby needs his fix.

TT: The lava’s done spreading for now. Should be cooled off by the end of next round.

Orders will be due in to both myself and Snorby by 6 PM EST on Saturday, April 22nd. Please title your PMs as "Nickname - Gender Species - Round 8"
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