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Let the games begin! Quick refreshers

Creek: A small, flowing creek hidden in the back woods, which flows at a fairly swift pace. Most Pokemon will be able to traverse the current with ease, though particularly light or small combatants may have some issue. The creek is about fifteen feet across at most points, differing by only a few feet here and there, and is consistently about five feet deep at the center. A small makeshift bridge stretches across the creek at the center, where the battle will typically begin, and though it is fairly sturdy and able to hold the average combatants with ease, it can be broken with enough force. The creek's left bank is largely flat with the odd vegetation and a good amount of trees for climbing and cover, while the right bank quickly shifts into a steep hill, rising about twenty feet before flattening out again, and lacks any real form of vegetation whatsoever. This arena is outdoors only.

Lickitung (Normal): Lickitung have long tongues, which can extend out to eight feet to hit enemies. Any attack a Lickitung does with its tongue deals x1.1 damage, with a 10% chance of paralysis.

Jigglypuff (Normal/Fairy): Jigglypuff can inflate themselves as a move to intimidate opponents, making them more hesitant to attack. While inflated, they have a harder time moving, but a moderately higher defense. Despite their lack of agility in this inflated state, they can float in to the air at a steady pace. Their Sing attack is more effective, requiring less be sung to put an opponent to sleep.

Starting of fthis match is TalkSick's Lickitung, humorously named Tongstun. And by humorously I mean cringy. He too think his name is a horrid pun, and tries to evoke amnesia to forget it. While he couldn't forget it, he at least managed to fortify himself against special attacks. Not seeing his foe make a move, the Lickitung starts to create bubbles from his saliva. It seems this is what the Jigglypuff was waiting for, and she starts to violently spin. Steel orbs of energy soon are formed and imbued into her, and she fires off with full force. As she launches herself, her foe launches his attack. Yet it seems steel is stronger than bubbles, and the bubble beam is cut through and barely makes a dent or slows down her momentum. She then crashes into her foe's massive tongue, causing him to recoil a bit. During this recoil, the Puff charges a significant amount of energy into her right fist. She then slams it on Tongstun's skull, the dynamic punch creating a small explosion in the area. The Lickitung takes a crippling blow, and is pushed back, close enough to almost fall into the creek. Thankfully, his Amnesia early seemed to have prevent any confusion from taking hold.

Tongstun took a massive beating this round, and is nearing his second third. Energy wise he's doing fine, both on psychic and water. Puff barely took any damage, but used a tad bit more energy then her foe. Her steel is still decent yet her fighting is at half.

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