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The Ribcage Mall (Ribs): To the south-east, the once-gloroius shopping district has all but collapsed into a hoodlum's haven of cracked windows, spray paint and the very home of the rebellious Ribs. Many of the stores have been long ransacked and looted, and the very air around the location is one of unease, with each corner potentially hiding a thug ready to leap out and rob you in broad daylight. The Ribs care not for domination and running the city, but rather see it as their playground and wish to expand into other locations, at the behest of their boss. Those who wish to try the life of a street gangster would do well to check the area out as they are always welcoming to new members, though crossing them will leave you in a sticky situation. Despite the state of the place, many urban pokemon have made the mall their home, enjoying the organised medley of craziness. Reply in Cyan.
Bedlam City, a place that seems to be under constant chaos. It was a place that Austin subconsciously craved, a place to go wild. While he has hidden himself away for the most of the previous year, he was ready to go out again. Out of the willow tree and into the chaos of the city. Bedlam was much more wild and untamed compared to Virbank. Despite the occasional theft or scuffel with street punks, Virbank was just a port city, no more no less. Here, the Ridge was alive. It was breathing by itself, and that was something the teen craved.

The streets and the ally ways of the mall felt like home. The graffiti and decrepit buildings were in a way beautiful and wondrous. Adjusting his beanie, Austin continued to wander the streets of the old shopping district. This was supposedly Rib territory, a gang that was similar to Alola's Team Skull. If they were truly like Skull, then perhaps their sense of family would be just as strong. Family has been something Austin has lacked for awhile, and even so he had his team, there was still a hole in his heart.

He took a sip of the frappe he bought earlier, Austin looked around. The taste of matcha lingered on his tongue, and there were still some java chips in his mouth. Seeing no one around, he sat on a piece of rubble nearby. He scratched his head, and saw a small strand of orange hair come back with his fingers. He needed to use more conditioner. It was a while since he last dyed his hair too, so that's a problem. At least he's come out of his shell a lot more. He doesn't wear the mask anymore, able to get some cosmetic surgery done within the previous year. In a way, it allowed him to open up more. And that's why he came here, to open up more. Hopefully he'd be able to find a Rib soon. Getting up, he continued wandering the streets.

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