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Round 6

Q: I give up, apparently nobody wants cool shirts.

TT: It's like you all want Snorby to go into remission.

MMS: I’m almost halfway through my powder… A shitton of people better die this round. I can’t run out before the GM ends.

Our Gardevoir camera teleports away from the main eruption, finding herself in the jungle once more face to face with the Shuppet from before, now burned and slightly melted to the point of gross deformity. After a moment, a Shadow Ball bursts from the treetops to strike the Ghost, the camera panning up to reveal a Raticate slinking around. The Shuppet looses a Confuse Ray in response, but it doesn't seem to faze the rat at all, leaving the Shuppet bewildered, but not the audience thanks to the camera zooming just slightly out to show that it was the Substitute from some time ago that got hit by the ray, the real rat safe and sound. A Marowak charges in, pumping an Earth Power through the ground to blast into the Shuppet, before Raticate leaps from its perch to Crunch into the Ghost, its form solid thanks to the array of special attacks already launched. Ripping it to shreds, the Raticate stands proud over its prey, the Shuppet having been KO'd.

S12: Welp. That's karma.

Q: He was the hero we deserve, but not the one we need right now.

TT: Did that quote even make sense in context?

MMS: Probably not. But who cares? That Raticate is a fuckin’ badass. Also wooo one down my powder supplies might last me after all!

Back to Alakazam (who now has a Beheeyem busy playing Mariachi Music in everyone’s heads via telepathy floating next to him), who finds himself watching over a Steelix as two Ludicolo friends join hands for a Teeter Dance, drawing all of the other Pokemon in the area in a bit and causing them to stop what they were doing. By the end of it, they’re all thoroughly confused. A few of the Pokemon seem to try to remember what they were supposed to be doing, but only Dugtrio manages to loose an Earthquake, damaging all six Pokemon in the area, including both Ludicolo Substitutes. This rouses everyone from their trances, and while Onix decides to create a Double Team and book it south, Steelix begins to ominously glow with energy. The Ludicolo look at each other, not liking the looks of this. Both fire off simultaneous Hydro Pumps at the Steelix, but that doesn’t stop it from creating a massive Explosion. This Explosion engulfs the surrounding area, creating a massive crater. Onix avoids damage entirely, though one of its clones is destroyed just within the edge of the blast radius. Both Ludicolo Substitutes are destroyed and the duo take a good deal of damage. Dugtrio takes some serious damage and decides to GTFO to the north. The worst damaged of all, though, is poor Lombre, who’s still stuck under the exploding Steelix. The explosion ends with everyone, including Steelix, still alive, but suicide bomber Steelix feels the need to go out in another Explosion. Both of the Ludicolo, Lombre, and Steelix are struck. When the smoke and dust settles, there’s an Even BIGGER crater within the first crater. At the bottom of the double-crater, both Lombre and Steelix can be seen, KO’d.


MMS: AW HELL YES! I’m pretty sure my powder supply is gonna last after all. You fuckers might not have bought the shirts, but you’re paying in blood. Literally.

S12: Shame we can’t harvest all this for the shirts.

MMS: Yeeeeep. Definitely gonna last me through this thing at this rate.

S12: Holy fuck four KOs?

Q: And we are officially more than back on pace!

TT: Be careful guys, that lava is still spreading!

Orders will be due in to both myself and Snorby by 6 PM EST on Friday, April 21st. Please title your PMs as "Nickname - Gender Species - Round 7"
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