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Inhaling deeply, Frieda kicks the round off by breathing a noxious green mist towards the recently released sludge creature. Nowhere near quick enough on duck out of the assault, the Muk groans a bit as the breath washes over him. With a cry, Qyburn lurches forward with his right fist glowing a chilling cyan, Goodra's eyes widening slightly as she notices the danger of the incoming punch. Qyburn smacks the gooey dragon in the face, causing her to roar in pain as the left side of her face is flash frozen. Growling, she shivers slightly as tiny static charges race across her body, utter murder in her eyes. She immediately discharges a crackling bolt of electricity into the Muk before her, grinning as his body seizes up. Qyburn struggles against his sudden paralysis as hard as he can, willing his body to kick back into action. Unfortunately for the toxic blob, it isn't to be; Frieda cackles in her momentary triumph.

Both Frieda and Qyburn took sizeable hits to their vitality this round. Qyburn has locked up in paralysis, and his Ice energy pools have somewhat diminished. Frieda wouldn't mind a break at this point, and has a patch of ice on her face.


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