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Both combatants enter the Pool arena, finding the referee hanging pool side with a sexy woman under each arm. He motions for you to start the match, somewhat distracted by his companions.

Dirkac tosses his Pokeball out over the pool, it bursts open and drops a Horsea by the name of Puakai. Spark doesn't falter upon seeing his opponent's choice, deciding to make this a battle of old vs new. He releases Noa the Marieane into the water, who naturally takes up position at the bottom of the pool.

Pua moves quickly through the water, quickly creating 4 copies of herself that spread out through the water. Noa forms up a ball of poison energy before hurling the bomb at one of the Horsea. RNGesus shines bright on the Alolan and the Sludgebomb strikes its mark! The clones fade but the Horsea at least avoids poisoning this time around.

Noa continues her assault by assailing the Horsea with a barrage of spikes, which dig into her soft hide as she cries out in pain. The spikes appear to leave a sore spot on the Horsea's chest, she will likely take more damage if repetitively struck there. The Horsea retaliates by firing and inky shot of water at the Marieane and while it doesnt deal much damage, it gets in Noa's eyes and clouds her vision somewhat.

Noa takes a lead as she forces Pua through the first third, still well at the start of her own. No offtype used and energy usage was fine with both good for two. Pua has a sore spot on her chest and Noa's vision is obscured.

Dirkac to order

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