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A New Challenger Approaches!


With the adorable Marshadow having been officially revealed a couple weeks back, we figured it was the perfect time to make the Gloomdweller Pokemon available for challenge in ASB! Marshadow finds itself joining the ranks of the TL5 legendaries, so for any interested and qualified, feel free to go after this spooky new legend!

And with every new release, there naturally follows the SC and, in many cases, a unique move description, and this is no different. Hope you enjoy what we've come up with:

Spoiler: show
Marshadow (Fighting/Ghost): Marshadow is a timid creature, and as such is much better at hiding than other Pokemon. It is especially good at utilizing shadows, as Marshadow can vanish into any shadow using a move and can quickly travel using the shadows of objects and other Pokemon, though it is still able to be attacked when it does so. It comes out of the shadows upon using any attack or upon taking damage. Despite usually being solid, Marshadow has no limitations on going into an ethereal state and it can hold its invisible state for a round longer than normal. Its deception based moves are much more potent and effective, able to trick foes with greater ease. Marshadow is very good at using Copycat, and can Copycat attacks with less energy and more flexibility in terms of the type energy for the attacks Copycatted. It is also skilled at using weaker, faster blows, making all moves of Good or lower damage slightly more powerful.

Spectral Thief (GH) -- Upon use the user vanishes into the shadow of their opponent, hiding there as the user steals any stat or SC boosts the opponent has, keeping the stat boosts for as long as they would have lasted otherwise. Any SC boost stolen is retained for three rounds, and the opponent will see no benefits from it until it returns, and even if Spectral Thief is used again on the same target, the SC boosts can only be stolen once. Once the theft has occurred, the user rises up out of the shadows and delivers a painful blow to the foe, dealing significant damage. This technique uses heavy energy.

The new SC will be put into the SC errata following this post.
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