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Shanty Town


The day started off cloudy, with rain in the forecast. You had entered the city from the northeast near dawn, with only Freighya and Cerno to keep you company. They promise to be loyal protectors to you in a place where anything might happen, and their presence brings you comfort. By eleven, you've reached the edges of the disputed territory. Within an hour of that, you're in Shanty Town proper.

You'd heard a lot of stories. You expected some of the things. Due to the widespread robberies, most of the buildings were hollowed out and boarded up. People's homes had been reduced to little more than shacks over the many months of subjugation. Most of the businesses were closed. The Shells controlled the flow of most goods into the town; anything that did manage to be brought through freely risked piracy by hand of the Ribs. You expected ghettos packed with thin and frightened people. That was always par for the course.

But there were other things they didn't warn you of.

The first thing to reach you is the smell of charred wood. You're not even within the territory limits before the lingering odor of smoke begins to saturate the air around you. One by one, you begin to see the burnt remains of houses. Some still smoulder; others have already been raked through. A few have people gathered around them. Most are utterly abandoned, and ignored by the passerby as if a completely normal fixture of the neighborhood. By the time you reach the town forum, you've counted a baker's dozen.

In the forum, people gather, trading meager goods in an effort to eek out their existence. A woman swaps a bundle of Drash berries no doubt plucked from her garden for a pint of Moo-Moo Milk almost assured produced by the man's own Miltank. Necessity, they say, is the mother of all ingenuity. The woman has a little girl with her; as you watch the exchange idly, the child takes notice of you. When she sees Freighya, her eyes light up. Leaving her mother's side, she runs up to you. Her mother has to look twice before realizing her child is sprinting off towards a stranger, but is then hot on her heels.

"Hi!" The child calls, panting slightly as she stops a few feet from you. You notice her skin and dress are both caked in dust. When her mother catches up, it looks as though she hasn't washed her hair in weeks, the stringy, dirty strands tied back with a bandana. The child reaches out to pet Freighya, but her mother stops her.

"Mathilda," The woman reprimands, firmly. "Is that how we say hello to Pokémon?"

"No, mama," the girl -- apparently named Mathilda -- sighs. She looks up to you with wide, green eyes. "Can I pet your Espeon, miss? They're my favorite!"

"I apologize," the woman bleats, tiredly. She takes one of Mathilda's hands in her own, while the little girl offers the other out to the Espeon for it to be sniffed, as she has been taught. The mother casts you a wary look. "My name is Samantha. I haven't seen you in the neighborhood before. Where are you from?"

Constantly harangued by the Shells and the Ribs, the people of Shanty Town are a little suspicious of outsiders. What will you do?

Kawaii smiled at the little girl "Of course, as long as it's ok with Frieghya." she looked at the Espeon expectantly. The psychic-type nodded afraid to speak telepathically lest she scared the child. Frieghya tilted her head to be pet.
The pink-haired trainer turned her attention to the woman addressing her, "I'm originally from an isolated region but I came here to expand my skills. I came here specifically to help the innocent escape the fighting." she explained. The reaction of the little girl had brought tears to her eyes but she blinked them back before anyone could notice.

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