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Round 5


S12: No really, they're an actual thing.

TT: Or, will be if at least seventeen people are willing to buy them.

MMS: It was definitely the smartest choice for me to spend the night before the ACT doing that as opposed to practicing or sleeping or something.

The first camera flickers to find Alakazam still with the Lombre and Steelix from before. Lombre struggles a bit but can't seem to do much of anything under the massive beast. That is until Steelix decides to leave with a burst of Agility to the east. It doesn't get very far, though, before Lombre stands and looses a massive Hydro Pump at the snake... only to miss by a hilarious amount. A little irritated, the Steelix turns around and decides that Lombre hasn't learned its lesson, smacking it with a Body Slam once more, sitting happily upon its newfound tiny pillow. Suddenly, a Mud Bomb explodes over the back of the beast, the camera panning to reveal a Dugtrio having popped up and wanting to fight. But it's not the only company in the area, as two Ludicolo quickly approach from the east, one a bit closer than the other, and an Onix pops up out of the ground just a bit to the south.

S12: Looks like we're ready for a full-on brawl here.


MMS: It’s almost like it was TRYING to miss. And frankly I’m not sure which is sadder.

Our second screen flickers on again to reveal our Gardevoir deciding to leave the burning jungle and teleporting to find herself in the caves once more, this time trailing a Shuppet. The Ghost sneaks around through the tunnel for a short moment, Ismene whistling the Mission Impossible theme for dramatic effect. The two make their way into the main chamber of the volcano, greeted by a Throh as an Aggron is seen booking it down one of the other tunnel entrances. The Shuppet immediately flashes a Confuse Ray at the Throh, leaving it rather befuddled by everything going on. The camera attempts to turn to the sky to show some scrapping going on at the rim of the volcano, but it's hard to tell exactly what's going on, the shape of a Golurk breaking free from a Rock Tomb and running along the rim all that's really visible. Panning back to the Shuppet the camera zooms in as the Ghost makes its way to the dead center of the arena, rearing its head upwards before slamming down face first into the button located there. Tense looks are exchanged between everyone, but nothing seems to be happening.

Q: Huh, must have been a dud. PRESS IT AGAIN!

MMS: Aww, I love Shuppet. What a cute little wannabe destroyer we have on her hands~

TT: Shame the button doesn’t always work…

S12: Uh… I think you may have jinxed it.

Suddenly as the round draws to a close alarms begin blaring throughout the arena. Both cameramon teleport into the air around the volcano, catching the full scene as a Golurk and Alolan Ninetales look panicked atop the rim. A Kecleon, now having lost its camo, hangs desperately from the cliff high above the chamber, while Shuppet and Throh can be seen deep below. Suddenly, a Togekiss is brought in via Teleport thanks to help from the Psychic Gym Leader's Gallade, looking rather confused on the other side of the rim. The sirens grow louder when suddenly the ground around the button begins to form huge cracks. In split seconds, the ground is ripped from the earth as a torrent of lava blasts through the chamber and into the air, tossing rock in all directions and spilling over those unfortunately too close to the blast. Smoke and ash fill the air, drastically affecting breathability as the lava begins to pour down the volcano and through the tunnels within. Drenched in lava, the poor Golurk on the rim can't take the pain and collapses, KO'd, while the Alolan Ninetales promptly explodes into a burst of colorful confetti, which immediately catches fire. The Togekiss is still around, not liking the smoke and ash at all, and having suffered quite a bit of damage from the splashing of lava in the blast. Those that were in the main chamber were less lucky, the Kecleon and Shuppet seen rocketing off in different directions, still covered in lava and flames. What happened to the Throh is a bit unclear, all that can be told is that its headset pulls up the status of it being KO'd.

MMS: Hey, look at good ol’ Mercury, ruining people’s lives. Attaboy. Also: goddamn that Shuppet was an adorable and EFFECTIVE destroyer. Clearly dumb as a box of rocks, but you can’t say there weren’t results.

TT: I thought you said the volcano was dormant!

S12: Uhhhh…

Q: Aprools!

S12: Well, it seems that's the only two KOs this round.

TT: There could easily be more from the fallout, though, if people don't get clear of that spreading lava until it cools.

Q: Aahahahahahaha! GO BLOOD!

MMS: If this shit doesn’t convince some nerds to buy shirts, I don’t know what will.

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