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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
The Temporary City Zone

The Bastion of Vacuous Dreams (Neutral): The centrepiece of the city located fittingly in the middle, the Bastion of Dreams was the main government building, stretching into the skies, and where the Goldenridge Council met their bloody end. The enormous structure yet stands, but no side dares to contest for the obvious vantage for fear of what lies within. Legends state that the building was constructed above and around a shrine to a creature of unknown origin said to sway the minds of those who happened upon it. As a result, it is largely abandoned, and many of the valuable documents within are up for grabs, though rumours have it that the final survivor of the council resides within, watching the world crumble around her, with an enigmatic force keeping her safe. Even the deities know not what pokemon are brave enough to reside within, but one thing is certain: those who have ventured in...have never emerged again. Reply in Dark Green.
The gigantic and abandoned building was hard to miss for someone in the city. The structure pierced the sky itself and grew only more imposing the nearer Lucas got. All throughout the city, screams were heard amidst the orchestra of gunfire and explosives, only occasionally slumbering to allow the fires to cackle and the winds to whistle their echoes in the vacated houses. If laughter and play had once been possible for the city, it must have felt like a distant dream right now. Various factions had risen to power and taken advantage of the city’s turmoil ever since the mysterious assassination of a few council members, and the unannounced retreat of the few who had remained. With the power-vacuum in play, the police had done all they could to oppose the two gangs that have claimed a significant portion of the city as their own, even so much as sending out flyers, asking trainers for their help.

It was after Lucas had read one of these flyers that he had decided to look up the locale. He had never heard of the city of Goldenridge before. Granted, he was barely able to pay attention to names and the like as well. For all his Pokémon knew, they may have very well passed through it on more than occasion. Online information was riddled with the news updates about the city and Lucas was hard pressed to find anything significant about the place that would have interested him. That is, until he came across the myths of the Bastion. They were myths mostly, ghost stories people told each other after the bloody massacre of the council members, but Lucas cared little about the divind line between myth and reality, especially when it came to treasure.

“You’re falling behind again,” Lucas called back to his Gallade. Rags was disquietly sauntering behind his trainer, taking tentative steps in the hopes that doing so might get his trainer to give up and go back. From the get-go, he was against his trainer’s wishes to visit the city, largely because he was planning to take advantage of the chaos and loot the government building as opposed to helping the marshalls restore peace to the city and supporting the victims. Immoral didn’t even begin to describe his stance about his trainer.

“Gal, gallade.” (You know it’s not too late.) Rags said upon approaching his trainer.

“Not this again,” the trainer said annoyed. The two had grown up since they were both a kids. Their shared experiences allowed for the two of them to understand one another’s emotions, an ability that was not lost when Rags evolved from a Ralts to a Gallade. Though lately, their mental link weakened as a result of their differences. “We discussed this at the base. You didn’t even have to come along.”

But he did, or so Rags felt. Truth of the matter was that Rags had considered for a long time to abandon his trainer. Over the years the two had grown up it was Lucas who looked for adventure and came back with stories while Rags had to act his moral compass. Lately that chore had become more demanding than usual. Lucas appeared to have only gotten worse and Rags was getting fed up of having to straighten him out. The two had grown apart too much and they clearly had different ideologies. If Lucas was going to continue his blasé attitude towards morals and ethics, the Blade Pokémon might very well leave him.

“Lade-allade, gal. Gal, gallade-gal, lade.”(We can still go back to the police and help them fight the Ribs.)

“No,” he said firmly. “Now come on Rags,” a smile stretched across his face, “last one there has to explain to Ms. Khan who broke the plantpot,” and he set off at a pace.

“Gallade gallade?” (Did you at least bring other Pokémon with you?)

“Don’t worry about it,” and he sped off towards the Bastion doors.

“Gallade!” (That’s technically not an answer!)


It wasn’t much of a race; Rags only sped up at times to avoid losing sight of his trainer. By the time he saw the entrance doors he relaxed into his previous sluggish pace. Lucas was already waiting for him by the time he got there, surprisingly patient. The trainer was holding a familiar, red device in his hands, gently tapping the buttons one by one with his one hand, the other occupied by a cigarette that had nearly gone out.

“Took you long,” his trainer grinned as he put out the butt of the cigarette with his shoe.

“Gal?” (Ready to go?)

“Almost, just give me a sec.”

Rags was surprised at his trainer’s calm composure. Usually he would barge into a situation without thinking if it meant he got his hands on treasure. What on earth interested him more now than money? The Gallade felt a small twang between the two of them - a spark from their mental link – and Rags wondered about his trainer’s true intentions.

The red devide Lucas was holding was a Pokédex Rags knew. He was there the day Lucas received it. The only reason he was given one was out of trust he’d compile data on it from passing Pokémon. Thus far they had not lived up to the professor’s request. So was Lucas here to catch Pokémon? Rumours had it that a few had decided to take refuge in the abandoned building, though none had returned since. But if his trainer’s plan was to go in and catch a rare Pokémon he would have said so from the start.

Lucas continued going through the Pokédex’s search functions and information slides. Rags felt another pang in their mental link, something Lucas didn’t seem to notice. A small shot of understanding came through. ’If Lucas wasn’t here to catch Pokémon, then perhaps…’ The Gallade shook his head. Humans and Pokémon had gone missing amidst the chaos of city. Some may very well have taken refuge inside the government building as it was the only place in the city that none of the three factions wanted to fight over. Lucas may not have wanted to be involved with the city’s conflict, but it seemed he was willing to help the missing victims instead – even if he never would admit it. Perhaps part of him had rubbed off on his trainer after all.

Lucas pocketed his Pokédex and hurried through the Bastion’s entrance. “Come on Rags, let’s go find treasure.” His smile reappeared across his face.

In that short moment, Rags felt his mental link with Rags restore itself to what it was, and in that moment he understood his trainer’s true intentions. ’You can’t fool me.’

Lucas’ face turned red. Apparently having understood Rags’ thoughts as clear as spoken words. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he spat as he turned his face away. He clapped his hand with fake enjoyment and called out to his partner one more time. “So you coming or not? Let’s see what kind of trouble we can get into.”

“Gal.” (Sure) The Gallade picked himself up with renewed dedication to his trainer and followed him into the building’s empty hallways, guarding Lucas from any danger that might have lurked within.

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