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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
The Temporary City Zone
The Ribcage Mall (Ribs): To the south-east, the once-gloroius shopping district has all but collapsed into a hoodlum's haven of cracked windows, spray paint and the very home of the rebellious Ribs. Many of the stores have been long ransacked and looted, and the very air around the location is one of unease, with each corner potentially hiding a thug ready to leap out and rob you in broad daylight. The Ribs care not for domination and running the city, but rather see it as their playground and wish to expand into other locations, at the behest of their boss. Those who wish to try the life of a street gangster would do well to check the area out as they are always welcoming to new members, though crossing them will leave you in a sticky situation. Despite the state of the place, many urban pokemon have made the mall their home, enjoying the organised medley of craziness. Reply in Cyan.
Michael sighed as he dragged his feet along the cobblestoned pavement. He hated this journey. He didn't want to be here. If he had his way, he'd be back at the Day Care chilling with his Pokemon, making up contest routines or helping the local trainers raise their teams. Literally anywhere would be better than this.
This wasn't his first time in Goldenridge City. He had been travelling to and from the city for the past few months now, to meet with the police. It wasn't his idea to get them involved - if he could have his own way, he'd ask them to drop the case for good and let him move on. But he couldn't do that. What would his parents think if he did? They wanted justice, thus they were going to get justice irregardless of whether Michael wanted to or not. So he just had to smile and go along with it. The breeder yawned, his head drooping a little. He had not slept that much last night, or the night before, or the night before that. The impending stress of today's events had haunted his dreams each night. Dikune offered to eat them on multiple occasions, but Michael turned him down. He didn't want to worry the Hypno. He'd handle the stress on his own. His eyes felt so heavy today though. He mindlessly wandered the streets as if on autopilot, his mind a millions miles away...
Maybe it was because he wasn't paying attention, or maybe he just subconsciously wanted to be anywhere else, but whichever it was, it had lead Michael completely the wrong way. Instead of North, he had been going south instead, and now he found himself deep in Ribs country. Michael silently cursed himself - how could he be so clueless? By the time it'd take to get back to the Police Headquarters in the north he'll have missed his appointment with the police!
Michael pulled a cyberball from his belt, and tapped the opening mechanism. The ball clicked open, and a red beam of light emerged from within. It formed itself into the shape of a Panpour, who immediately jumped up to sit on Michael's shoulder.
"Blue, I don't know how to tell you this, but I think I've gotten us lost again." Michael confessed, before giving the monkey a cheeky grin.
"On a scale from 1 to 10, should we go find something else to do?"
"Hmm, 12!" Blue replied, laughing. Michael laughed too, before taking a look around. Apparently he was at the old mall. It definitely looked the part, what with all the cracked windows and cool looking graffiti adorning the walls. A rational man would give the place a wide birth. Michael wasn't a rational man. He and his Panpour entered the mall without a care in the world, intrigued by the level of destruction within. He just had to find out what happened to everything in there!

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