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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
Crystal Grove (Neutral): The upper-class section of the city has escaped most of the havoc that has plagued the others, due to its relative proximity to the Marshal's headquarters to the north-east. However, the southern end has seen some raids by the Shells, and the nobles have been troubled by their increased activity, and would be willing to allow those they deem worthy to help put an end to the rabble. The grove's natural plantlife and suburban gardens seem to attract forest pokemon more often than other sections. Reply in Magenta.
The news of Goldenridge's descent into madness had spread far and wide by now, not that it had come as much of a surprise- ever since the Elite Four stepped down and fled Fizzytopia, the entire region had plunged into a state of chaos and turmoil. Nevertheless, a number of Pokémon Trainers were starting to congregate at what was now not-so-affectionately referred to as Bedlam Ridge in the hopes of helping restore order to at least some part of the region.

One such Trainer was riding in right now. Yes, riding in- for Keith Masters, riding on the back of a dark grey, red-eyed Scolipede, gave a formidable first impression. And those who took him on in battle would know this first impression to not be mistaken in the slightest.

"Ehhh, does we gotta go out ta Bedlam Ridge?" whined the Meowth on Keith's shoulder.

"Hey, we're trying to help out this region," Keith reminded Meowth. "And Goldenridge City is part of this region. If we can help restore order to Goldenridge, there's hope yet for the rest of Fizzytopia."

"Yeah, youse gots a point," Meowth conceded. "But takin' on dese two rival gangs?"

"Excuse me," smirked Keith. "Might I remind you who you're talking to? I caught the Vampire of Cadaver Forest. I restored the legendary Celebi's faith in humanity. I freed Aduro Island from Heatran's tyrannical rule. Now, I'm not saying I can restore order to Goldenridge, and I'm certainly not saying I can do it by myself, but with what I said in mind, Meowth, do you think I got a chance of being some sort of help to them, at the very least?"

"...Yeah," Meowth nodded. "Alright, so, we gonna get dere soon?"

"We should, yeah," Keith nodded back. "Salazar's making good time, I think I can see Crystal Grove in the distance. Alright, Salazar, that way," he stated, pointing at the buildings in the distance.

"Scoli!" nodded Salazar. The Scolipede picked up the pace, and continued onward towards Crystal Grove.

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