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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
The Temporary City Zone

The Bastion of Vacuous Dreams (Neutral): The centrepiece of the city located fittingly in the middle, the Bastion of Dreams was the main government building, stretching into the skies, and where the Goldenridge Council met their bloody end. The enormous structure yet stands, but no side dares to contest for the obvious vantage for fear of what lies within. Legends state that the building was constructed above and around a shrine to a creature of unknown origin said to sway the minds of those who happened upon it. As a result, it is largely abandoned, and many of the valuable documents within are up for grabs, though rumours have it that the final survivor of the council resides within, watching the world crumble around her, with an enigmatic force keeping her safe. Even the deities know not what pokemon are brave enough to reside within, but one thing is certain: those who have ventured in...have never emerged again. Reply in Dark Green.
Originally Posted by Raves View Post
Leaflets have recently been distributed by the Goldenridge Marshals calling all available hands to help in the fight against the Shells and Ribs. Those wishing to volunteer are to report to Lt. Vicefeder in Bedlam Ridge for briefing on the situation.
Ffion sensed the Marshal's hesitation when he handed her the missive on the streets of Central Fizzytopia. Some tall, upstanding piece of muscle with a message that he had to bend down to hand to her - she sure as hell wasn't gonna reach up. Taking the leaflet, she gave him a sweet, yet dismissive little giggle - the kind she had perfected in such situations where she knew she was being underestimated at first glance. The Lacunosa Nightwatch logo emblazoned on her tank top didn't mean much in these parts and, even if it did, she knew what people said - surely, she was just some "edgy" little fangirl. A girlfriend, or a sister, perhaps, if someone was being generous.

Then again, the Marshall was not incorrect in ALL of his assumptions. She had no intention of helping him... or anyone involved with the whole bloody mess, really. Crumpled leaflet dangling from her dainty hand, the small woman with short, frizzy hair and a spring in her step made her way to Bedlam Ridge, but the good Lieutenant would have to find someone else to join his crusade. No strong ideals motivated her, no rousing words would move her... but idle curiosity was sufficient to sway her steps toward the ominous, crumbling Bastion, and the wealth of secrets held within. Ffion imagined that if the ill-fated council saw fit to construct such a building for themselves, they must have been the types of folks who wanted others to feel small by comparison. The thought that someone like her, with no strong connections or prospects in this land, would likely be unwelcome at any other time - that was really the only motivation she needed to seize this opportunity.

Of course, waltzing through the front door was a surefire way to invite unnecessary trouble. She would have to find a way in that would escape immediate notice... At least that would buy her a bit of time to get a sense of what possible threats could be lurking within.
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