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Round 4

Q: We didn't sell any shirts...

TT: At this rate you lot better hope the volcano doesn't put in actual work. We're too deep in debt as is with all the drug trafficking.

MMS: It’s only gonna be a problem if I run out. We get paid in crack for this, remember?

S12: Just because that’s what Connor calls it doesn’t make it true, sadly.

The first camera zooms to our Gardevoir camera woman, who promptly leaves the red stripe, teleporting to find herself with a Raticate, Throh, and Pyroar, all of whom are covered in quite a bit of confetti. In fact, the entire section of cave seems to be wallpapered with the shiny decorative supplies. The Throh promptly leaves the group to go do whatever, and the Raticate and Pyroar head off towards the east to exit the tunnel. The Raticate promptly sets up a Substitute, which is also covered in the confetti, seems even that can't help you escape the silly appearance. The cave exit is pretty close and the two run through after only a short while, the Pyroar popping off a Sunny Day as they exit before they make their way just barely into the jungle. Obviously frustrated, the Pyroar lets off an Inferno into a nearby tree, the ball of intense fire somehow managing to light the normally damp wood and begin to set it ablaze. But the antics don't stop there, as a second Inferno finds its way into a tree not far away from the first, producing similar results. Happy in its work, the Pyroar and Raticate watch with glee as the fire spreads a decent bit in the normally fireproof jungle while our camera woman watches on in horror.

S12: We should really just stop having any sort of trees in GMs, methinks.

MMS: On the contrary, I think GMs should only have things that can go up in flames.

TT: What, like our motivation after reading everyone’s terrible orders?

MMS: Exactly. These flames are a fitting metaphor for my despair at reffing this round.

Our second camera finds that our Alakazam friend is once again bored, teleporting to find himself by the Lombre we saw earlier on. A short ways away from it, a Steelix looms over the area. For whatever reason, the Lombre decides it's in its best interest to try to win the heart of the giant metal snake, attempting to Attract it. This... does not go well. The Steelix simply stares puzzled at the display before loosing a powerful Roar through the area to show its lack of interest. The Lombre slumps over, dejected, before walking away. Or, it would be away, anyway, if it didn't have orders to move north... directly towards the Steelix. It makes it all of a couple steps before the Steelix decides this is a provocation and rushes at the smaller creature, whipping itself around to Body Slam the Lombre with its massive tail, leaving it stuck beneath.

MMS: Yowch. Though I can’t help but assume things would have gone much the same if attract had worked, so…

Q: Break out the terrible ‘80s soundtrack… just in case.

TT: We haven’t met our innuendo quota just yet, anyway.

TT: Seriously? No kills again?

Q: I'll just return the leftover Go Blood shirts for a refund...

S12: You mean all of them?

MMS: Nah, all but one. I’m totally in favor of blood. Plus, it’s mostly white which will be… helpful.

Orders will be due in to both myself and Snorby by 6 PM EST on Wednesday, April 19th. Please title your PMs as "Nickname - Gender Species - Round 5"
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