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Over the vast expanse of the ocean, a small boat can be plowing across the waves below, a small seabird circling above it. This small vessel has two occupants, one of which being on an incredibly important venture and the other being his way to achieve it. An old sea salt known only as Mr. Briney captains the craft, while its passenger rests with his back against the rails of the ship, contemplating his arrival to their destination. He looks down at the fragile sheet of paper he managed to acquire for no small expense, an old sea map that charts an island unknown to civilization. The trainer remembers back to when he acquired the map, a shady peddler in the Slateport Market telling whisperings of how he obtained the map from a man atoning for his sins in a far distant town riddled with the spirits of the dead. The claims for this small piece of land were legendary; that it was home to the ancestor of all Pokemon. Unable to resist such potential, the trainer now finds himself here, having hired the service of this boatsman to take him to this place, now quickly becoming visible upon the horizon: Faraway Island.

Faraway Island
Deep in the middle of the ocean and not located on any standard nautical charts, Faraway Island stands to test any who manage to find its shores. Craggy slopes lead up to the main part of the isle, a plateau with a thick jungle stretching across most of the landmass. Surprisingly temperate though still humid, pools of water litter themselves throughout the trees, ranging from about a foot to several feet deep. Due to the remoteness of the location, the grass has grown exceedingly tall, about four feet high consistently in most areas, with decently sized boulders strewn randomly throughout. The soil is soft and loamy with plenty of stones beneath the surface, providing perfect conditions for any techniques requiring either. The perceived atmosphere of the island is incredibly ancient, causing anything that is not from a bygone era to be a bit unnerved by the feeling.
The ship pulls in slowly to a surprisingly clean and modern dock, leaving both men aboard very confused. Considering the island was essentially undiscovered, both were very much on edge seeing such a clearly manmade creation. After murmuring amongst themselves for a moment, the trainer decides to proceed with his original goal, and disembarks. Shoes clanking against the metal pier, the trainer looks up at the carggy cliffs afore him, seeing the tangled web of trees and other foliage high above. The feeling in the air makes it clear to him that this is indeed the correct place to hunt his intended target: Mew.

Mew (Psychic): As the supposed ancestor of all living Pokémon, Mew is extremely adept in all aspects of battle. Since its cells are essentially specialized stem cells, they allow it to adapt to nearly any situation. It is considered to be familiar with all types and all moves, able to use them as if it were the type of that move (though its energy pools are still limited). The pluripotency of its cells that allow it to use Transform allows it to create temporary physical energy constructs that help it perform moves for which it lacks the anatomy. Additionally, despite being genderless, it can use any gender-based moves on any gendered Pokémon as if it were the target's preferred gender, but is immune to any moves of this type. Mew is an extremely agile and deft levitator, allowing it to levitate and move through the air as if it were flying. Using a move, Mew may create a bubble of telekinetic energy around itself using significant Psychic energy, which can either repel attacks like Safeguard or turn Mew invisible for half a round's time, though Mew cannot attack while in this bubble.

[Psychic]: Psychic-type Pokémon are much more proficient with telekinesis than other Pokémon. Thus, they can use Psychic to move and manipulate targets with ease. Psychic type Pokémon are resistant to flinching, having higher levels of focus and concentration than other Pokémon. They are resistant to attacks which induce confusion or other mental effects. They have limited ability to read minds and are thus more adept at dodging attacks than might be expected and able to mitigate the effects of accuracy reducing attacks. This extends to GMs, where they will have a slightly better impression of Pokémon within their vicinity. Their Psychic support moves (such as Gravity and Magic Room) cost slightly less energy.
The man goes up and down positions on the cliff, working his way steadily upwards through a natural sort of switchbacks. As he heads towards one of the many turning points, a small, decrepit sign rests, leaning to against the wall of the rock face as its signpost wore through long ago. He stop to read it, the words hard to make out. What he can read goes as follows:

"*****ber, 6th day

If any hum** ***** sets foot he** **** **ain, *et it *e a kindhear*** pers**. *ith that hop*, I d**ar*."

Having at least the general gist of the message, he continues upwards. He recognized the legibile portion of the signature from his research, knowing it to be that of one of the men who led to the creation of the genetic monstrosity. With both the legitimacy of the map confirmed as well as, presumably, the story associated with it, the trainer presses onwards more speedily as well as cautiously. He reaches the apex of the winding path, staring into the treeline with anticipation. Reaching for his belt, he selects one of several red-and-white spheroids and unclips it from his waist.The capsule expands as he grips it, and with well-practiced toss, the ball splits open in the air, red light bursting down towards the earth and forming into his chosen partner for the bout soon to come...
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