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Dragonair Round 17: Ice Them

Juno decides that, after the previous round of giving the Druddigon some nice and very much over-the-top damage, why the hell stop there? Momma Kang and baby Kang look over at the Druddigon who very much looks to be worn and will probably be going down this round after looking at the orders which just read "death incarnate". Juno starts up an attack that is familiar to Mew and his now fainted Gabite, Juno charges Neela with super-sonic fast fist which smack into Neela for damage in repeated sets, this damage is slightly mitigated mind you. Neela steels her will and tries to push through the attack but still takes a hefty blow in the process while managing to get near Juno. Neela realises she has to do one thing and that is use the remainder of her Fighting energy to smack Juno a new one, the weakened Superpower still dealing a respectable amount of damage. Well, not as respectable as the Ice Punch that Juno follows up with to knock Neela the hell out, but, respectable nonetheless as Juno has been noticeably weakened by recoil and attack alike.

Neela is unable to battle, final 'mon and orders from Mew please!


Juno has made her way into the final third, good for two.
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